December 11, 2012

.currently: the five senses.

Hearing: Little Drummer Boy (by David Bowie and Bing Crosby)
This is my favorite Christmas song, and I especially love this verson. (Bing and Bowie...come on! What's not to love??)

SeeingLes Misérables
This book is incredible. I would try and explain it, but there's no way I could do it justice. Victor Hugo is an amazing writer. The details and in-depth story line that went in to this book is mind blowing. Seriously. Do yourself a favor, and read. this. book.

Feeling: Blankies
The air is getting quite cold these days and especially nights. This means (along with snuggling my husband) some extra blankets have been required to get the job done.

Smelling: Pine Needles
When picking out our tree this year, we went a little crazy. It's hard for us to even consider buying a little tree when the big 6ft'ers are standing there in all their glory. So, we usually end up getting the biggest one we can. That being said, our tree takes up most of our living room area. Which in turn makes our entire house smell like pine. We love it. :)

Tasting: Chai
You guys know my love of Chai. Well, among my Chai creations (Chai Cake and Chai Latte Powder Mix.)  I still hadn't mastered just a regular cup of Chai at home. (Sad, isn't it??) Well, my lovely friend Lisa taught me the right way. It's so easy it's almost embarrassing that I didn't think of it. Just take 1 1/2 TBS of any black Chai tea (I happened to have some of this on hand) and let it steep in about 1/3 C of boiling water for two minutes. While that steeps, go ahead and warm up some milk in your favorite mug. Mix the two together, add a little sugar, and voila. Done. See? Super duper easy.

What have your senses been enjoying these past few days?

p.s. anyone else excited about the hobbit coming out this week?? i kinda jump up and down every time i think about it.

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  1. We just saw the Hobbit yesterday....SO GOOD. It did not disappoint!