December 14, 2012

.merry christmas.

We sent out Christmas cards postcards this year. Yay! (It was on the list last year and the holiday season just came and went waaaay too fast.)  I am eventually going to do something as amazing as these, but we decided to keep it simple this year. It made me feel like real grown ups. Ordering, addressing, and mailing our very own "Merry Christmas to you" cards. :) I didn't want to leave you readers out, so here's wishing you guys the very merriest of holiday seasons!

Do any of you guys send out cards? Do you go all out and have a year-in-review kind of thing or just keeping it simple?

p.s. Marisa over at Uproot From Oregon has posted on easy/small gift ideas for the holiday season and was kind enough to give me a shout out. Go check out her post for lots of little ideas. :)

1 comment on ".merry christmas."

  1. So Cute! We sent some this year and I loved the feeling of having my own family to send cards for. It was fun! I haven't posted ours though. Maybe, I should.