January 07, 2013

.guest post: jadestreet.

Hello, all! As most of you probably know, I am a part time photographer with my sister, Amber. I help her out with weddings and I love it. It's such a blessing being able to share in the happiest days of people's lives. (Especially with my sister!) You can see more of our photography work here.

Back in December, Amber had an intimate little holiday get together, and it was an absolute blast. I know the holidays are over, but I thought it would be fun for her to share a little about the decor and how-to that went on behind this little gathering. Enjoy!
Hello! I'm Amber. I'm a wedding and portrait photographer (Jade Street Photography) and Julia's sister (younger or older, I'll never tell!). This Christmas, I got all my gift shopping done early so I decided to host a Christmas dinner party for some of my dearest friends. I had been toying with the idea of a dinner party for a while and had even made a Pinterest board for inspiration, but I struggled with the decision because, well, to be honest, I cannot cook. At all. (That's Julia's strength so I will just leave that to her!) Nope, in fact, a few days ago, I was boiling water for some pasta and I completely forgot about it. I didn't realize what I had done until the horrible burning stench hit my nose. The water had all boiled away and my one good pot had melted onto my glass stove. My husband, Caleb, joked that I had literally burnt water.

After some thought, I decided to play it safe---I would provide the meat and appetizers, and I asked that my guests bring a side. (If that should fail, I could order pizza, right?) Well, it turned out to be a smashing success. I made a ham with a crock-pot and a foolproof recipe, and all my guests were happy to bring a favorite dish to the meal. It was all quite tasty.

One of my favorite hobbies is crafting, so I decided I would snazz up the dinner venue (my basement) with DIY decor. I decided upon a style and color (green, gold, and glitter---yes, glitter is a color), and went to work! Here's the result...

My favorite part of the table decor were the baby pine trees. At the end of the evening, each guest got to take home a tree as a party favor. 

And of course, there was a photo booth...

We had such a fun time eating good food, goofing off in front of the camera, playing games, and enjoying hot cocoa. There's just something uniting and special about sharing a meal during this time of year. Knowing that another has endured the bitter cold to make it to my door makes their company twice as sweet and welcome.  The dreary darkness of the evening makes it easy to simply hibernate and hide away from companionship, to put on your pj's as soon as you walk in the door after a long day of work. And this kind of quietness can be good for the soul (as a homebody, oh how I love it!), but we must also take the initiative to fight the secluding cold and step into the warmth of another's home, to build a hearth of friendship and memories which will keep us warm throughout the winter months. How truly blessed are those who have friends.

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  1. It was fun. Good pistachio jello salad stuff!