January 28, 2013

.linen hand towels.

Wanna know a secret? I'm kinda in love with linen towels. Is that weird?? I look at them on Etsy waaaay too much, and sometimes I go to Target just to look at the linen hand towels. Other, normal people do that, right?

Wanna know another secret? I'm really bad at finishing projects. I get a lot finished, but there's a lot that just sits in my closet waiting to be done.

Like these linen towels, for instance. I started these months ago and just got around to sewing the edges yesterday. I'm just a little intimidated by using my sewing machine. (Probably because when I first started trying to sew the edges my machine came alive and began eating my fabric.) I decided to just get over it and get them finished yesterday, and I'm glad I did 'cause I love these!

If you are wanting to do a project similar to this--or heck, even identical--here's how.

Buy linen fabric (it's super, super cheap)
Water down some paint. I used acrylic. (Also, the more water you add the more it's going to spread on the cloth.)
I used tape to mark the lines on my cloth (Even thought I knew it was going to run a little past where I had the tape.)
When you begin painting, make sure your brush isn't too wet! Unless you are wanting it to run a lot...then by all means, leave your brush drippy. :)
Let dry for 24 hrs.

Linen tends to shed a lot, so make sure you sew the edges! This is how I sewed mine.
Make a thin fold along the edge.
Iron it down.
Fold it over again.

2 comments on ".linen hand towels."

  1. They turned out FABULOUS!!! I love my linen towels, too, and I'm already ready to make more!

    P.S. You should take that sewing tutorial that I showed you!

    1. Thanks, sister! I want to make more too! And that sewing class is on my to-do list!