January 21, 2013

.mini monday.

Happy Monday, earthlings. I hope your weekend was extra, extra awesome....'cause sometimes you just need an extra, extra awesome weekend. Considering I wasn't sick this weekend, my husband was home, we stayed up until all hours of the night playing board games, and we got to go antiquing; my weekend gets an A+. Not too shabby....not too shabby at all! 
On said antiquing trip, I scored three records (Joan Jett, Phil Collins, and the Top Gun Soundtrack.), a nice glass container for olive oil (been hunting for one of those for a loooong time, and Kyle found me the perfect one!), and an oooold copy of Ben Hur all for less than $10. Getoutoftown! 

1. Downtown is filled with lots and lots of old buildings. In love! 2.I have a thing for sunsets through trees. They just rock. 3. Our first snow...how we managed to make it to January without some snow sticking is beyond me. 4. Little Man. That face kills me! 5. My sister has a pretty rockin' profile. 6. Kinfolk and Chai, the perfect couple. 7.The Donut Whole...it's a good thing I don't live super close to this or else I might be 700lbs. 8. Another shot of the Donut Whole. So quirky. 9. Just found out we can get free Dominoes delivery.....uh-oh. 10. Part of our room re-do. (Next up, hexagon shelves!) 10. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my iPhone?? So many fun apps.

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