February 01, 2013

.friday finds: valentines.+ 5 little things.


I love Valentines day. I really, really do. I know it's a made up hallmark holiday, but I don't care. I like the idea of having a day to go completely over board with love. (Though, I try to do that every day with my husband.) I even like the little candy hearts that taste like chalk. So, to celebrate love, this month's Friday Finds (except the Featured Shop) is going to be devoted to Love. :)
Oh and that pillow!? ah! need. to. make. now.

And because I can, five things I love about my husband. :)

1. I love that you scrape my windshields when it's icy.
2. I love that you stock up the pantry with goodies when leaving town to keep me happy.
3. I love that you make dinner when I've had a long day (and don't get whiny when I just don't feel like it.)
4. I love that you always rub my feet when I ask.
5. I love that you take my silly concerns seriously.

What are 5 things you love about someone? Not just your husband but any loved one! Share it in the comment section or share it on your blog and link back here!
Share the love, folks. :)

5 comments on ".friday finds: valentines.+ 5 little things."

  1. Cute!!! I love the Valentine's Card! And I will make the list on my blog soon and link it back to you!

  2. oh my goodness that pillow is too fun! Definitely would be fun to make!

    Sweet five things you love about your husband, sounds like a keeper :)
    I love that my husband plays with my hair sometimes...it has such a calming affect on me!

    1. It's the little things that make marriage so wonderful, isn't it?

  3. that pillow needs to be on my couch right now. so awesome.

    1. I know, right!? I love it! I'd leave it out all year round, not just at Valentine's Day. :P