February 08, 2013

.friday finds: valentines.


FRIDAY!!! It's finally here! This week was actually pretty great, so I can't complain. The weather was phenomenal. We are on the brink of Spring and it's driving me crazy! It's so close, I can feel those sandals on my feet and the sun warming my skin!

Anyways, about this weeks finds! I was hunting for good gift ideas and I ran into this lot. I love pretty much all of them. The temporary tattoos are top on my list though because they're so retro and awesome. (And come on, who hasn't wanted to be a little rebellious and get big heart tattoo with their love's name in it??) Also, if anyone wanted to buy me that Washi tape, that'd be awesome. :) I love washi tape, and I don't even own any. (I know, I'm ridiculous.)

Well, I'm off to go de-junkify our home. The warm air always inspires me to minimize and clean and leave things open and fresh. Anyone else doing that this weekend? Whatever you are spending your free time with, I hope it's wonderful! Ciao!

Also, because I'm a really big fan, here are five things I love about being married:

1. I love having someone who wakes me up in the middle of the night to tell me stories. Even if you don't remember them in the morning. (Having a good laugh in the middle of the night? Win.)
2. I love having someone to crazy dance with.
3. I love having someone around that is just as addicted to Law & Order as me.
4. I love having someone to talk about "the future" with.
5. I love having someone to talk into going grocery shopping for with me.

What's your favorite thing about marriage?

2 comments on ".friday finds: valentines."

  1. Awe, the print is so cute!
    Here is a short list of things I love about Caleb
    1. I love belting out a duet with him (Why do I always end up singing the guy parts?)
    2. I love having someone to share all my daily life stories with. And I love hearing his stories.
    3. I love his random sweet texts and notes.
    4. I love his cute bum.
    5. I love snuggling at night.

    1. Is there anything better than having someone to snuggle with at night?! I think not.