February 18, 2013

.guest post: jaclyn from delicate dots.

 You know those people that are so creative that you can't help but hate them just a tad bit? Well, that's how I feel about Jaclyn. (Sorry, Jaclyn! :P) Photographer, artist, and amazing decorator ..seriously, is there anything this girl can't do?? 

I first met Jaclyn when she was photographing my brother and sister-in-law's wedding a couple years ago (holy moly!...where does the time go!?). I instantly took a liking to her. We became facebook friends after that, and I've been stalking her ever since. :) (Isn't that what fb is for??) Anyways, Jaclyn graciously agreed to guest post on Writer's Block and let us take a peek at her Creative Room. I hope you guys enjoy and are inspired!
Thanks again, Jaclyn! :)


Hello, Writer's Block readers! I'm Jaclyn of Delicate Dots Photography.
Thank you Julia for inviting me to share a little bit about how I decorated my creative room. Because I work from home, I'm always looking for ways to brighten up and add a little inspiration to my creative space. I love to paint, draw, design, and take photos, and I needed a space that was just for that. Enter my creative room:

Last year I decided to clear out the room next to mine, paint it and begin decorating (my favorite). Over the next few months I went to antique malls, flea markets, Goodwill, and my all time favorite store, The Cottage Collective, to spruce up the space. During the summer I went to The Cottage every other weekend to see what new things they had (they always have new stuff each week that I need, but my wallet and I differ in the word "need" ). I usually walked away with some sort of trinket or home d├ęcor to use as a vignette on my shelves.

The trick to achieving a great vignette is in balance and layers. Having all short items will make your eyes long for height, so make sure you have an array of short, medium, and tall items. Also make sure you are choosing pieces that speak to you. I am a fan of vintage cameras, gold, and quirky elements (check out that book, How to become Extinct...ahahaha).

One of my favorite things in my room is my easel. Can we just take a moment to ooh and ahh over it? Over time the wood will get darker and richer (which it already has since I got it 5 years ago!). I treasure it the most because it was made by my Dad before he passed away and it is the most beautiful easel I have ever laid eyes on. It has everything I need: movable topper to hold in my canvas, tile on the ledge for easy cleaning, a space for paper towels and peg holes to change the height of the shelf. Awesome sauce.

I enjoy collecting vintage boxes and bins to store my paints and other odds-n-ends in. Every time I get them out I am reminded of the story of how it came to be in my possession.

On the other side of the room is my desk. This is where I do most of my craft projects, including sewing, card making and packaging up clients photographs.

I am a huge fan of vintage suitcases. I love the look of them, the feel, and I love coming up with stories of it's previous owners. My boyfriend says I have too many, but I say I can never have enough. hehe.

Many of the vintage things in my room have been gifts from friends and family. They know me too well. :)

Thank you again, Julia, for letting me have a moment on your blog to share a little bit about my creative space. Now go forth and create everyone!

7 comments on ".guest post: jaclyn from delicate dots."

  1. Whoot whoot!! Thanks again Julia, this is so amazing! :)

  2. Beautiful space, Jaclyn! I love the eclectic vintage vibe and all the trinkets (I'm a sucker for odds and ends!) I especially love the easel. What a great design! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much Amber. I love decorating spaces and cannot wait to move this style to my room, bathroom, etc. hehe.

  4. That is the most amazing easel I have ever seen! Beautiful space and pictures. =]

    1. Isn't it wonderful?? I want a Creative Room now!

  5. Laura, this easle is gorgeous! I am so glad my dad made it and I will forever treasure it and pass it down as an heirloom. It's awesome.

    Julia, do it! Get a creative room. It is so nice to have the space. I am sad that it will downsize when I move tho. I am just glad you asked me to do a blog post so I could take photos of it! Hehe.