February 11, 2013

.mini monday.

I love Mondays. There... I said it. Some Mondays are bad days for me, but so are some Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Mondays generally aren't too bad to me. I don't like that my husband has to go back to work, but Monday's are my days for planning the week out, picking up after the tornado weekend, cooking, baking, laundry, and just generally getting stuff done. Am I the only one on the planet who likes Mondays??

Did anyone watch the Grammy's last night? We did. We even stayed up past our bedtime to finish it. I'm not gonna lie, Mumford and The Lumineers and Fun. were it for me. They sounded the best live (in my opinion). But I could be biased since those are three of my favorite bands right there.

Guys!! Our baby nephew could be born at any moment. Kyle and I psyched out of our minds about it. It's been waaaay too long since there's been little baby toes and baby noses and baby cheeks in my life. :)

Anyone have exciting Valentine's Day plans? Kyle and I usually don't go too crazy for V-Day, but we do like to take any opportunity to celebrate love and each other. :) We will be spending the evening together. I don't know the details, (just that Kyle is cooking me dinner. yay!) but I am very excited!
Whatever you are doing, I hope it is wonderful and love filled!

1. Valentine's Cake to welcome February. :) 2. I'm sliiightly addicted to bright colored jeans. Can't....resist...3. Painting can be fun. :) 4. Organizing can also be kinda fun. 5. It's finally been raining here and there. It's been wonderful! 6. I love baking. 7. Morning Glory Oat Muffins (recipe coming soon!) 8. Little Man and I have been soaking up as much of the nice weather as we can! It's good for us. 9. Pina Colada! 10. Spending my morning reading and eating muffins....I could get used to that. :)

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