February 04, 2013

painted clothespin magnets

A while ago I happened to be at Target (who am I kidding...I practically live at Target!) and I was browsing their dollar bin section. They've just put out all their Valentine's Day stuff. Adorable! One of the things I spotted were clothespins with arrows stamped on them. I liked the idea of them, but thought they needed to be tweaked just a tad. So, I bought some normal wood clothespins and got to work!
  ("How To" after the jump!)
I love the way they turned out, and the best part? They're waaaay easy. I just got some paint I had on hand, watered it down a lot, and went a little crazy (seriously, I don't know how paint ends up every where, but it does!) I kinda let different colors drip down the clothespins and get all mixed, but you could just paint them normally if you wanted! After they dried, I hot glued magnet strips on the back and voilĂ !

I'm just a little too obsessed with them. I think they would be cute holding gift tags for a birthday giftie or something! I hope I'm not the only one because I know some birthday's coming up and these may or may not be will be part of the wrapping. :)

3 comments on "painted clothespin magnets"

  1. Sweet idea! You should make me some ;-)I love the pictures!

  2. HA! I saw those magnets at Target and seriously almost bought them for you... and then I thought, "Okay... that might be weird." and then I didn't. :)

    1. That is so funny, Nicole! I seriously kept them in my hand for a long time debating whether to just buy them or not. :p