February 22, 2013

.shop of the month: nan lawson illustration.

I am in love with this shop. I think that's probably pretty obvious since I chose to feature it as Shop of the Month, but still...I felt like it needed to be said. If I could draw (which I absolutely cannot!) I would wish to be able to draw like this. It's so unique. Ever since stumbling upon Nan's site, I've seen these prints here and there on Pinterest and I'm sure you have too. If not, you're missing out. Go check out Nan Lawson Illustration right now!...or perhaps after reading the Q and A below. :)

1.) What style is your shop?

Cute, Quirky, Orginal and Pop Culture Art Prints

2.) What's your favorite item in your shop?

My favorite item in my shop is currently my "Strong, Beautiful, Brave" print. I made it originally as a gift to my mother, but thought it was something everyone could appreciate.

3.) What/who inspired you to start your own Etsy shop?

There was no single inspiration, I just loved making art and I thought it would be a fun way to share it and maybe make a little money in the process.

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