March 11, 2013

.on life, death, and the sniffles.

>This is what my day is going to consist of. ^^^ Books, hot tea, lots of Kleenexes  and probably one (or ten) episodes of Law and Order. Those are the cures for having a sore throat and stuffy nose, right?? I definitely think so....

>I found this website today and I am stoked about it. It prints out your instagram pictures as polaroids! Heyo!

>Got some new tea the other day, Jamaica Me Crazy Tea. SO good. It has "hints of rum, caramel, vanilla, and nuts." Yum. Yum. Yuuuum.

>I'm REALLY in to Florals right now. For instance, this cell phone case I just bought. Or this wallpaper. Or perhaps this dress for my imaginary daughter. Oooor this gorgeous bouquet from Wild Folk Studio.

>I've been doing really good about getting my OCDness under control. I left dishes in the sink all day yesterday! (Go me! ;) )

>Once I get more spending money, (I was bad and spent mine waaaay too quickly. Darn you Spring Sales!) I'm planning on buying this awesome photography e-course. 

>Kyle and I (read: "I'm trying to talk Kyle into...") are thinking of doing a video version of Who We Are this week. Hopefully I won't be too under the weather to do it.

>I've had this song on repeat for always.

>I'm kinda hoping someone out there can read my mind and decides to make me this delicious granola.

>Since I'm gonna be holed up in The Bungalow today, I'm gonna make these flowers and quite possibly this "yay" flag as well. What are your Monday plans??

7 comments on ".on life, death, and the sniffles."

  1. Thanks for the share, lovely!

    1. Thanks for making such an awesome e-course. :)

  2. I really liked the song. Very good.

    1. Isn't it beautiful?! Can't. Stop. Listening!

  3. Hey guess what? I am into florals and botanicals right now too!! Cool beans. :)

  4. Floral print is definitely my favorite thing about spring-time approaching! I also noticed your blog header is now in floral print too hehe :) (thank you for the sweet compliment on my new blog layout- I like making them even if they drive me nuts).

    Hope your sniffles go away and you feel all better soon!