March 31, 2013

.things worth celebrating.

My Sister's Greenroom, because it has lots of windows to soak up some early Spring rays..

Gardening Days, since I'm slightly obsessed and it's good quality sister time.

More Planted Seeds...Basil this time (because a girl can dream). (tutorial found here.)

My Bedroom Windowsill, for being the perfect spot for my new obsession.

But most importantly, today I am celebrating Easter. Or as I like to call it, Resurrection Day. I like to think I celebrate this every day of my life, but I want to especially remember my Savior's death and resurrection today. His sacrifice, His love, His power. It truly is mind blowing, and it's the reason I live.

Happy Resurrection Day! 

4 comments on ".things worth celebrating."

  1. Happy Resurrection Day is right!
    I need to get my garden so i can have fresh veggies! :)
    p.s. your photos = beautiful!

    1. I wish I had room for a whole garden! It's a dream of mine. *sigh* This little windowsill "garden" will have to suffice for now. :) Do you do a garden every year?

  2. Yeay! My greenroom made it to your blog. It truly is one of my happy places.