March 13, 2013

.who we are: week six.

This week has been a bluuuuur. We've both been a little under the weather and have therefore gotten pretty much nothing done all week. Unless you count watching a whole lot of tv and drinking a whole lot of tea. If so, then we are killing it! All that to say, no picture of me and Kyle this week. We just didn't get around to it....but, trust me! I'm doing ya'll a favor! No one wants to see us in our jams, with watery eyes and red noses. (If you've got problems. ;) )

Q & A after the jump!

If you had $1,000,000 and you HAD to spend it, what would you do with it?

 I would pay for college, and keep as much money as we need for living expenses. Then I'd give some away, probably buy a new truck and a new car for Julia (HEYO!), and I'd probably pay off a portion of each of my family's houses...and then I'd try to invest the rest.

 I would pay for all of Kyle's school, buy a house (with a killer garden!), and a sweet car (like a jeep!), and start havin' babies!!! Then I would go on a clothes shopping spree (yeeeah, buddy!) and help my family members pay of some of their debt.

What does your dream vacation look like?

 Hunting, fishing, and camping in Alaska.

 Backpacking Europe. Duh......though I'd also be up for heading to Alaska. ;)

What are your favorite smartphone apps?

 The Weather Channel, Twitterific, Podcasts, and Audio Books.

 At the moment, VSCO, Afterlight, Camera+, Instagram, and Fun Run. :)

When did you first know you were going to marry your spouse?

 When we got back together after "breaking up."

 I'd have to say the same thing. After we spent a couple months apart and cleared our heads a little and got our eyes off ourselves and on to God and His goals for our relationship, I knew.

What is your favorite television show?

 Law & Order SVU.... and W.W. is my star.

 It's like a four-way tie between Law & Order, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and Parks & Recreation. So, I like a lot of television shows....big deal. ;)

How do you handle farting in front of each other?

 As long as it's not in my personal bubble, I don't mind.

 I think the answer to that is in our reaction when we read the question. "HAHAHA"! ....Unless it's in bed. Then you're gonna die.

What is your guilty pleasure?

 I sometimes will eat a whole bag of kettle corn after work.

Cereal. Seriously. alldaylooooong.

What is something weird your spouse does while asleep? 

 Um, well...I know I'm the weird one when I sleep. I don't really notice Julia at all.

 Hahahah....sleep talking. This was our convo just last night:

Kyle: *pulls me under the covers* and says "Watch out! the people might come in here!"
Me: "What people?"
Kyle: "The people in the other room!"
Me: *laughter*
Kyle: *puts hand on my mouth* "Sssshhh!! They'll hear you, babe!!"

What is your fondest memory as a child?

 I have a ton of great memories from my childhood. Probably the one I'll look back on for my whole life is being at the Michaelson's pretty much every other day during jr. high and early high school. 

 When we lived in Utah, me and my siblings would literally spend all day outside playing with our two best friends. Rollerblading, biking, Cops & Robbers, Laser Tag...seriously, any childhood game, we did it. Forget video games and television!

Your house is on fire. What five items do you grab before you leave?

 First I'd grab my iPhone and golf clubs, run outside, set them on the ground. Then, if I could, I'd run back inside and get the computer. That's pretty much all I'd need.

 My Bible, my "memory box" (ie wedding vows, letters...all that mushy stuff), my camera and lenses, my hard drive, and my cell phone.

questions were grabbed from here.

9 comments on ".who we are: week six."

  1. your blog is filled with the prettiest pictures! :)

  2. Hahaha... Brandon and I love how the first favorite app Kyle mentions is The Weather Channel.
    And yeah, I'm the weird one when I'm sleeping. I'm glad Brandon doesn't have a blog to share the crazy things I say!

    1. I know! That made me laugh too. He's so random! :)

  3. my husband and I would say the same thing about knowing when we wanted to marry each other...something about taking a few months off really helped clear our minds.

    1. Yeah, it's easy to get too wrapped up in each other...sometimes you just gotta clear your head!

  4. awe.. Stay warm.. drink a lot of warm drinks..cheers

    1. Check and Check.....Thanks for the advice. ;)