April 26, 2013

.friday finds: shop of the month:

Billy & Scarlet

Eeeeeee! I am sliiiiightly obsessed with this adorable little shop. I have a little niece on the way and if my budget allowed, I would probably buy all of these prints for her room. Heck, I may just buy some for my future daughter. :) Other than cute baby room prints, Billy & Scarlet have fun prints for your house. Really eyeing that bird print. A bird in a top hat and bow tie?! Come on! 

Please check out the shop for other wonderful prints, and be sure to read our little interview below!

What style is your shop?
In my shop I sell art prints for the home and nursery. I would describe it as vintage-inspired, shabby chic, with lots of pastel and soft colors. 

What's your favorite item in your shop?
It's hard to choose a favorite because I have such a personal connection to all of my artworks! I think the one that is most special to me is my bunny with rose-pink balloons because this little one was the first animal I painted and completely finished. It was hard to choose between this one and the pink hot air balloon print and the 'Ciao Bella' French duck print though!

What/who inspired you to start your own Etsy shop?
I saw some of my other friends having success with their online stores and I thought it could work for me too. I have always wanted to work from home and having an Etsy store is allowing me to do that. 

Be sure to check out Jillian's facebook page and instagram!
Facebook: facebook.com/billyandscarlet
Instagram: Instagram.com/billyandscarlet 

4 comments on ".friday finds: shop of the month:"

  1. So cute! I love them so much! The epecially love the deer... and the penguin... and the bird. Haha, pretty much all of them. =]

    1. Haha! That's exactly how I feel about them....can't pick a favorite!

  2. love these prints! my favorites are the shine like stars and the cute little penguin!

    1. Yes! I love those two as well...though, it's easy for me to say that because I love all of them. haha ;)