April 05, 2013

.friday finds.


Yesterday we went and played disc golf and it was GREEN outside. Green, people!! It makes my heart happy. I just kept looking at Kyle in aw and saying "Kyle! It's greeeeeeen!" It's funny how it surprises me every year when Spring comes around. Winter just sucks all the hope out of me and I feel like it'll never end.


Does anyone else have a problem with buying too many cases for their phone? I have to tell myself not to look at cases because I will inevitably find one..or ten cases I want. (Like the one above)

Also, that scarf is so simple, it would go with everything! Must have....or make. Either way, it'll be in my closet soon. :) It would go perfectly with that ring....though, I see many accidents happening if I were to wear that ring. And, as you know, I have a major crush on linens. Those above come in such pretty colors! I'll take one of each!

GUYS! If you haven't seen this video, you are missing out.

City wide garage sale today! Wahooooo! Nothing better than a beautiful Spring day and snagging a sale.

I'm trying to talk Kyle into letting me get a bunny. So far, none of my tactics have worked. (ie, bribing, blackmailing, begging.....)  So, I've decided to start sending him a picture of a bunny every day (maybe multiple times a day...who knows.). Because who can resist this?? Or this!? ohmygoooosh.

If you need a laugh, look no further.

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