April 19, 2013

.friday finds.


This week's finds make me happy. There's not a single item on here that I'm not drooling over. Can it be my birthday this week? :) I seriously am considering that mail spike. I'm trying to re-do our "desk" area and that would be perfect. Right now we just stuff our mail in the desk drawer and call it good. Also, that journal is perfect you keep in your purse to jot down ideas...am I right!? I've also been eyeing that metal grate for some time. Would love to hang it by our door and have it to hold keys somehow. love love love.

Anyways, this week has been rainy and cold, but this weekend promises sunshine and clear skies. YAY. 

Guys. Watch. This. Video. I died.

Also, this picture. Aaaaaw!

And if you're looking for the world's greatest cake. ever. like....ever. make this one. you will not regret it. (when i made it i happened to be out of milk and espresso powder, so i used half&half and cappuccino powder....and yes, i did gain ten pounds, but it was so worth it.)

4 comments on ".friday finds."

  1. are those wood stumps in picture #1.....swoon!!
    Great choices this week.
    And those GIFs? Amazing! :)

    1. yes, they're wood! aren't they amazing?? *sigh*

      hahah...i'm glad you got a kick out of them. i die every time i see them.

  2. Thanks so much for directing me to the chocolate cake recipe. I've pinned it and am now resisting the urge to drop all my to-dos and just bake the day away.

    1. You're welcome! I hope you found time to make it! (I also hope you're as addicted as me so I'm not alone! haha)