April 10, 2013

.who we are: week eight.

....aaaaaaand, we're back! we took a little hiatis from who we are because we've been enjoying the wonderful weather, and we didn't want to get burnt out. weeeell, actually it was like 80% enjoying the weather and 20% forgetfulness. :P

either way! we are back! this past weekend was SO beautiful. spring to the max....and then last night something awful and nasty and ugly and cold blew in; and i woke up to ice on my windshield. then i fell down the stairs. it was great *eye roll*

anyways, here's our little "interview" for the week. enjoy! farewell!

What is something you're scared of?

 Snakes, hate 'em.

 Killer Freaking Whales. When I was a kid I used to freak myself out in the bathtub by pretending there were killer whales in the water.

What is a household chore you HATE doing?

 Cleaning the bathroom. It's literally the only one I hate doing.

 Dusting. It's the WORST!

What is something you feel guilty about or wish you had done better this week?

 I wish I had read more last week.

 Eating all those Whoppers...and Pina Colada...and cookies....and Snickers ice-cream bar...

Who is your celebrity girl crush?

 Keira Knightley

 Easy...Jennifer Lawrence. I like to think we'd be BFF's if she knew me. 

What was your favorite memory from the wedding celebration/reception (not including ceremony)?

 Probably my brother Kody's best man speech.

 That's tough. Probably the dancing! Even though I have two left feet, I love it! 

Describe a typical (weekday) day in your life. 

 5:40am Alarm goes off. If I don't feel like getting up, I sleep until 6am. I try to get to my office around 7am. Then out to my route by 7:30am. hustle hustle hustle. Hopefully I'm done by 1pm. Then I have to go back to my office, then head home. Clean up!  Then I try to be a productive person for the rest of the day, but most of the time I am not. Usually I watch some tv, surf the internets, I might play golf, or read, and get some video games in. I do all the laundry, and the days Julia works I try to have something for dinner ready so she doesn't have to cook.

 If I'm not at work, I try and get up at 830. I then clean the house, shower, do my hair/makeup. After all that, I make breakfast or lunch (depending on the time) and catch up on the blogs I read; and I write my own blog posts for the week. Once I get tired of that, I usually work on projects, take some hotographs, or read until Kyle gets home. I then kiss my smoking hott man for a while, aaaand then who knows! We usually run errands and then hang out at home. Maybe play some board games or watch tv. Then we make dinner and then sometimes go for a walk or tennis or frisbee gold when the weather is nice and then bed time!

What would you like to do when you retire?

 Play a lot of golf, eat out at good places, relax, travel, generally pretty much anything I want.


What is a talent you wish you were better at?

 Definitely golf.

 I wish  I were more musically talented. Singing or playing an instrument would be awesome.

What is your current favorite song[s]?
 Macklemore-Thrift Shop and Stay by Rihanna

 Downtown by Lady Antebellum and Boys 'Round Here by Blake Shelton 

If you weren't currently married/dating your other half, where do you think you would you be?
 Probably living at home, going to college; but I honestly, really don't know.

 If I hadn't been interested in Kyle, I would have played college ball soooo I'd probably be graduating with a P.E. degree and having surgery on both my knees. haha

questions were grabbed from here!

4 comments on ".who we are: week eight."

  1. such a lovely photo! haha and i love your answer "killer freaking whales."

    1. thanks! :)

      yeah, my family always gives me a hard time about being afraid of them, but they have the word "killer" in their names. come on! ;)

  2. I could totally see you and Jennifer Lawrence as bffs. ;)