May 22, 2013

.farewell for now.

YOU GUYS! We fly to New York TOMORROW.  I am kiiiinda geeking out about it. Yeah, I'm such a child...I know. ;) Our bags are packed (not), the camera is charged, my tummy is ready for yummy food (always). Let's do this!

 I was just wanting to pop in here and say that I'll not be posting on here until after I get back, and then I'm sure I'll bombard you all with (too many) photos from our trip. :) Until then, if you wish to stay updated and  see *some* pictures while we're away I'm sure we will be posting to our Instagrams. :)



See you all on the flip side. 

1 comment on ".farewell for now."

  1. hope you have an amazing trip! take a ton of pics!! :)