May 01, 2013

. new york.

Now that it's May and less than a month until our trip to New York City (eeeeeee!!!), I feel like it's time to really start planning! I'll admit, I'm a taaaaad overwhelmed at all there is to do! (I couldn't imagine trying to plan a trip over seas!) Kyle and I both don't want to have every minute of our trip planned out, but we definitely want some sort of guideline for while we're there. Here's what we've got to do so far.

Grand Central Station
Central Park
Times Square
Shake Shack
Empire State Building
Financial District
Ground Zero Memorial
Brooklyn Bridge
Mast Brothers Chocolate (Yessss!)
Steak House (Keens, Smith & Wollensky, OR Peter Luger)
A museum (Natural History, MoMA, or The Met)
Madison Avenue
Grand Central Library
Little Eatily
Possibly China Town's pretty extensive for only being there 3.5 days. I think it's doable though. Any of you guys think we have anything on here that we could miss? Or maybe there's something you think we should add? Eh? Eh?

To help prepare for the trip, I've been reading on Cup of Jo about How Not to Look like a Tourist and How To Hail A Cab....very important stuff. :) I also found a couple apps which should come in handy.

Embark NYC
You put in your location and where you want to go and it will give you different Subway options and the time it'll take. (Uuuummm...I have a feeling we;re gonna need this real bad.)
This shows where all the food trucks are. (Also have a huge feeling this is gonna come in handy a loooot. :D)

Does anyone else have know of some useful tips for us?

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  1. eeep!
    So excited for y'all...and what a GREAT list you have! I'm so jealous, i definitely want to visit NYC at some point in my life. I'd definitely want to go to Soho too! :)
    I'm in the midst of planing for overseas travel (8 days in ireland/scotland)...and it is mindblowingly hard! There are so many things i want to see; but it's one of those "well yo ucan't see everything, so just see some of the best things" ha.
    We're also just leaving some room for random fun...who knows what you could get into!
    Super excited for y'all!

    1. Thanks! We are very excited...been wanting to go since forever!:) Ireland/Scotland!? AMAZING! That'll be so fun for you! ...I think that when visiting a new exciting place, you'll be so excited about the things you are seeing/doing you'll forget about what you are missing. :)

  2. You're trying to do all that in 3.5 days?! Good luck. You might be good on museums after seeing the Guggenheim, hehe, but then the natural history museum still might be a cool addition. In your search for street food look for La Newyorkina, they sell Mexican icepops/sweets.

  3. F.A.O.Swchartz is an awesome toy store.

    What about Statue of Liberty??

    Have a ball!!

    1. OHEMGEEEEE. That is now very high on the list. How could I have forgotten about the most epic place in Home Alone!? ;)

      Sadly, the Statue of Liberty will be closed while we're there due to the damage from the hurricane. :(

  4. If you have student IDs, BRING THEM. They will get you discounts to the museums (I'm talking like 8 bucks off) The MoMa was more interesting than the Met, in my opinion, but it was all modern (like Picasso, etc) and the MoMa has more variety but it's HUGE.
    Taxis are freaking expensive, and the Subways are everywhere (There's one in Grand Central, so you can check that off your list!) so they might be more doable. And honestly, it's pretty easy to walk a lot (everyone else does it!)
    The library is closed on Mondays and after 6, so be careful (I made that mistake twice, literally).
    Ground Zero is just a huge excavation site, when I was there 2 years ago, but I don't know what they have there now.
    China Town is right next to Little Italy so you can visit both pretty easily!
    Some places might be cheaper if you buy tickets in advanced! (be prepared to drop 20 a pop for the Empire State building... and maybe the museums. But like I said, Student ID!)
    Watch your bags!! I know I am touristy because I kept a camera in my hand all the time, but keep the strap around your hand. Just look like you know what you're doing at all times and people will leave you alone. (P.S. Don't be like my mom and start conversations with people riding home from work on the subway... it annoys them.)
    Hope it helps and have fun!! You better be posting some pictures!
    P.S. Where are you guys staying?

    1. Karen, THANK YOU. This is super helpful. :)

      We are definitely planning on walking everywhere, if we can! Subways kinda scare me (too much Law&Order), but if it's too far to walk someplace we'll definitely take those over a taxi!

      I'm going to try my hardest not to look like a tourist, but I get so excited by things it'll be hard not to "oooh" and "aaaah". haha! I was afraid a camera would be a dead giveaway, but I can't not bring it!

      We are staying in an apartment on the Upper East Side. (It's a little place we found through!)

  5. Oops. I thought I lost one comment so I wrote another... LOL

  6. This is actually really helpful to me because I am trying to plan a little NYC weekend for this summer! Thanks for sharing, hope you are able to squeeze everything in!

    1. Wonderful! Glad I could help. :) Kyle and I decided we will just stay up late and get up early to make sure we see everything we want. haha...who needs sleep?? :)

  7. Oh, how exciting to visit NYC! It's on my bucket list. :)

    1. It's been on both of ours for a while! I hope you get to cross it off your list sometime soon too. :)

  8. Love your beautiful blog, Julia, so I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Enjoy!

    1. Aw! Thanks so much, Kaela! :):)

    2. My pleasure! It is well-deserved.

  9. I went to NYC for only two full days last August. The best experience I had was a sunset sail on the harbor. It took us near the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. It wasn't touristy at all! It was absolutely beautiful, and they include wine on the sail! I highly suggest it. It was a great way to see the city and it was quite romantic. If you go to, you can see a few different options. We did an actual sailboat. Enjoy planning for your vacation! :)

  10. Oooooh! That sounds wonderful!! Definitely looking into this! Thanks so much for the tip! :)