May 29, 2013

.nyc day one.


     You guys! This weekend was such a whirlwind! I never knew we could walk so much, see so much, and do SO much in three short days! New York was amazing. (Just as everyone said it was going to be!) We got in at 2am Thursday night. (...only 8 hours later than we were supposed *eye roll* Atlanta, you're the worst.) After that it was go, go, go.

     I knew everything was going to be different from the good ol' Midwest where we come from, but I don't think you can prepare yourself for the busy of it all. There's just so much going on all the time, everywhere. So, the first day in New York was pretty much spent walking around in total awe. Just taking in all the people and tall the buildings....and trying to figure out the subway. Can we please talk about those for a minute?? SO COOL. Kyle was the subway navigator and he was awesome at it. They're so complex and crazy. We loved 'em

     So, along with trying to absorb it all, the first day was spent wandering around Central Park, the Financial District, and Chinatown. We also went to the 911 Memorial. It was so sobering to stand where so many had died. Heartbreaking. It was a good reminder of how lucky Kyle and I are; and that we shouldn't take any moment, no matter how big or small, for granted.

(I'll be posting pictures of Chinatown and Central park later. :)

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