June 07, 2013

.nyc day three.

This was our last day in New York City, and we spent it hopping from one Subway to the next trying to visit all the spots we could think of on our list. High on that list was the Empire State Building (pun definitely intended). It did not disappoint. I'm not gonna lie, when we were in the elevator, I got a little bit panicky seeing the number tick all the way to "86." (I always forget my fear of heights until too late.) It was incredibly to see the city from that high. It all looked so tiny and crammed together.

After crossing that off our bucket list, we walked some of Central Park, ate some pretzels, sealed out nerdiness by going to the court house, and then grabbed some coffee at Stumptown Coffee.Which, I'm sad to say, neither of us really liked. Being a non-coffee drinker, I got hot chocolate...it wasn't sweet at all! And the Cold Brew Kyle got was soooo bitter. Just not our cup of tea, I guess. (see what I did there?? :P) We then went to a cute little joint for dinner called Brinkley's Station. It was awesome. Really, really yummy food and the atmosphere was really cool! And to end the evening, we walked around 5th Avenue and the area for a cool "dessert" place. We decided on Sprinkles...turned out to be the best decision ever. Those cupcakes were delicious (even if they did look like boobs.) And the milk!? I never thought milk could be so yummy.

I only have only one post left from our NYC journey...Central Park. I've been saving that one because it was our very, most favorite part of New York.

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2 comments on ".nyc day three."

  1. These photos are so beautiful! I love skylines. The filter you used works great. And that pretzel...geez! lol

    Can't wait to see the Central Park photos

    1. Thank you! It was really hard to limit how many I put up 'cause I love skylines too! They're awesome.