June 24, 2013

.the day i faced my fear and it smacked me in the face.

These pictures of flowers have absolutely nothing to do with this story of my almost death, but they're pretty and they make me happy. :)

Also, some alternate titles to this post could be:

"The day I almost died."

"The day my dad wanted to shave my head and staple me back together."

"The day the wake-board fought back."


It all started yesterday when Kyle and I went to the lake with my family. This is a thing we do on a weekly basis during the summer. My parents bring their boat and RV and we spend the day tubing, wake-boarding, grilling, throwing rocks in the lake (and the newly added activity, playing with baby lisanna).

Kyle and the rest of the boys love to wake-board. I mean they love it. They watch videos, have too many wake-boards, and they dream about it all winter long. I also love it, but I don't looove it, ya know? SO, while the boys are off beating their jumping record and trying to out do each other, us girls are usually floating on our blow-up island and trying to get our tan on.

This time, however, I decided I wanted to join them. (it must be stated that i hadn't really wake-boarded in two years...i tried last year and ended up with a concussion and an unmovable neck for a week.) Needless to say, I was pretty afraid to try it again, but I decided to just swallow the fear and give it a try.

"I'll just stay behind the boat and not try anything crazy until I feel comfortable." I said to myself reassuringly. After a few minutes, I tried a little jump.
Nailed it.
I tried another one.
Landed that one too.
I then remembered why I love wake-boarding...definitely an adrenaline rush.
I crashed a few times, but nothing terrible happened.
I wanted to be as cool as the boys so I decided to try to jump just a liiiitle bit higher.
Mid-air I started panicking about the landing, and then I started panicking even more because I knew if I panicked about the landing I wouldn't make it. (and just so you can fully grasp what I mean when I say "mid air" I feel I should tell you I was only two feet up...but it felt like ten, if that counts for anything)

As I landed, the edge of my board caught the water and flipped me into the water. Essentially I did a kart-wheel...a really bad one where I face plant into the water. As I was flipping into the water, my foot slipped out of one of the boots and the back end of the board slammed into the other side of my head.


I swam to the top of the water thinking "don't pass out. don't pass out." Luckily, I didn't. I tried to shake it off so the people in the boat wouldn't freak out, but my head was pounding too bad to open my eyes. As they turned the boat around and headed towards me, I heard them shouting and asking if I was alright. I mumbled that I was okay, just hit my head.
Then I heard someone say "Oh my gosh. I think she's bleeding!"
Kyle jumped in and pulled me into the boat. (what a stud)
I couldn't see the cut, but I saw the blood/water dripping out of my hair and I started to panic juuust a little bit. My dad quickly assured me it wasn't too bad, and that calmed me down. (he later told me that I could get staples to keep the wound together, but after hearing that I would have to have part of my head shaved I promptly refused. Growing out a random patch of hair in the middle of my head!? ain't nobody got time for dat!)

I went home, washed out my blood crusted hair, cleaned the wound, had a mild panic attack, took some Tylenol, and went to bed.

The moral of the story is this, don't be afraid to face your fears...but always wear a helmet.

p.s. if you want to see a picture of the gash, feel free to click here....but don't judge me on my dirty lake water hair. (or the size of the gash...it was traumatic for me and felt a whole lot bigger. haha)

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4 comments on ".the day i faced my fear and it smacked me in the face."

  1. Ugh. Don't ever do that again. You scared me!

  2. Agh!Firstly, how do you tell a scary story like this and still manage to make me laugh? And secondly, aghh!! I freak out riding a tube behind a boat and I can't even imagine what I would've done if this had happened to me or if I had even put the wakeboard on my feet. Good job for being brave!

    1. Yeah, I think it'll be hard for me to get back on the wake board after this. (My bravery is slowly slipping away with age. haha)