August 02, 2013

.hello, august.

You guys! It's freaking August. AUGUST! Gaaah. Fall is so close! It doesn't help that the last week has been filled with rain and clouds and thunder and beautiful, dreary weather. So, because I can't handle this teasing "Fall" weather, I bought a sweatshirt and leather jacket to trick my up, cliche pumpkin everything. 

BUT, because it is NOT Fall yet, we are going camping with my side of the family in two weeks. I am PUMPED. I have only been to the lake twice this year, and one of those I basically's a travesty. I'm so looking forward to getting away, being lakeside (and away from all things electronic), and getting to hang with my family for a while. :)

Anyways, next week is one of my very best friend's weddings. I'm so, so excited. Marriage just makes me so giddy. It's a beautiful, wonderful adventure. So, if  you don't see me too much these next couple weeks, I'm sorry. I'm just gonna be celebrating with my friends and relaxing with my family.

Oh, and happy August. :)

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2 comments on ".hello, august."

  1. I love this photo AND the text! Did you write that yourself? If so, I have some serious talking to have with you!

    1. Thanks, Jaclyn! If you count writing the text on photoshop, than yes...I did. :)