August 12, 2013


Like the rest of the world, I am quite fond of instagram. It's addicting really. (Lets be honest here...who doesn't love seeing the world through a tiny square "lens") Anyways, I thought it'd be fun to share what apps I use to edit most of my instagram pictures with. I usually edit the same way every time because I like consistency and because it makes it super quick. So please, have a peak. :) There are links to more of my favorite apps at the bottom of this post.

1. Camera+

I always shoot with my camera+ app. The quality is better than any other app I've used thus far, and in my opinion the pictures seem sharper than the normal camera. BUT my favorite feature is the ability to change your point of exposure. You can focus on one area, and have the exposure set to a different's brilliant.

2. VSCOcam

Once I take the shot in camera+, I load the picture in VSCOcam and edit it. I try to tweak the picture as little as possible because I don't want it to look edited. My goal is to make it look like what I see in real life. I usually have to up the contrast a tad, and I like to add a little fade to soften the picture. Other than that, it just depends on the picture. With any adjustment I make, I try to just do it a small amount. After I've tweaked my image to my liking, I will look through the filters to see if I like any of them. If I do, I usually only have it at a small percentage. Not the full amount as that usually looks a tad too harsh.

3. Afterlight

After I've completed editing my picture in VSCOcam, I usually open it in Afterlight and apply a filter over. Sometimes I don't if it's too much, but usually I like to add a light grain to make it look like film. I usually just leave it at that,  but occasionally I'll add a light leak filter as well. :)

That's it! That's the method to my instagram editing madness. :)

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