August 21, 2013

.one last hoorah.

To The Lake

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Tonight we head on vacation with my side of the family. (!!!) We've rented a lakeside cabin and I am SO EXCITED. This summer has been so busy with the birth of my niece and nephew, almost dieing, visiting the Big Apple, and watching my brother-in-law graduate from basic that we've only gone to the lake twice. Twice! That is a crime if ever I did see one.
Kyle's classes have started and wedding season is in full swing for me and Amber, so this will most likely be our last "vacation" of the summer. I'm definitely gonna try to plan some smaller weekend getaways for the two of us because I think that's important for our sanity. :) But since this is probably our last "big" vacation, we are planning on squeezing every last drop of enjoyment out of it.

I am bringing my NEW NIKON (more on that beauty later) so I'll probably have bazillion pictures and stories to share with you guys upon our return.

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p.s. thank you guys so much for the advice on the last post! you guys are amazing....and super helpful. :)
seriously. thanks.
i've already got a new notebook for "ideas" and am slowly, but surely, filling it up. 


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    1. It was a blast....I'm already ready to go back. :)