September 06, 2013

.friday finds.



Now that the crazy, wonderful busyness that is Summer is behind us, I have decided to bring back the Friday Finds series. I'm reeeally excited about bringing it back, because well...I reeeally love Etsy. I've also got some really great Shop of the Month's lined up, and I think you guys are gonna love 'em. So start saving your pennies for the awesomeness that is gonna be coming your way. (Also, feel free to message me if you have any stores you want to see interviewed and highlighted as the shop of the month!)

Now...about this weeks' items. I'm always on the hunt for a good notepad. Between making grocery lists and reminder lists and really every other kind of list you can imagine, I go through notepads pretty fast. This one is the perfect one to keep on hand. And I've already decided that one of the first purchases that I'm gonna make when we buy a house is an address stamp. I'll feel so grown up. :)

SO! The past two days I have been purging and cleaning and going through EVERYTHING in our apartment. It is now sparkling and junk free. It feels so good. I used to be such a pack rat. I found it hard to throw anything away! I could make a simple receipt seem sentimental. But because Kyle and I live in a tiny (wonderful) little bungalow, I've had to reeeally retrain my brain. It hasn't been as hard as I thought, going minimalistic....I've really started learning that less truly is more. One or two statement pieces (like that whale print above!) is better than a shelf full of trinkets. Anyone else feeling that way??

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got any purging tips for a newbie minimalist?? what do you think of this weeks' items?

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6 comments on ".friday finds."

  1. One of my purging tips? We have all of our childhood things now and our parents were really big packrats. They saved EVERYTHING.

    We are taking pictures of items and making them into books so we don't have to keep them- things like trophies, school awards, and we are only keeping school work if it shows little insights into our personality.

    Our other thing we are doing is making sure everything is visible to us. We aren't storing anything in our garage beyond yard supplies, Devin's workshop stuff, bikes, etc. We have found in the past that if we don't see it regularly that we don't need it and clutter likes to hide.

    1. That is brilliant! I never would have thought about taking pictures of the more sentimental items! Love that idea, and am definitely gonna steal it!

      I guess I lucked out because neither of my parents are pack rats! (I'm not sure where I got it. :P) But it makes a whole lot less to go through!

      Leaving everything out in the open is a good idea too. We don't have a lot of options as far as that goes. in a tiny one bedroom apt. kinda forces you to have everything out in the open. (Not saying I'm not a master of stuffing a closet full of junk. ;) )

  2. YAY! Friday finds. =] Love the whales!

    Narwhals, narwhals living in the ocean, causing a commotion cuz they are so awesome! =]

    1. GREAT! Now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head aaall day. :)

  3. So excited about this! I love Etsy too, I'm looking forward to seeing what you find :]

    1. Etsy is like a black hole for me. haha I get on and hours go by without me noticing. :P Excited to share some goodies with ya'll. :)