September 13, 2013

friday finds


Today I am watching my little nephew, Grayson. He's quite the charmer, that one. :) He's at that stage where you ALWAYS have to have an eye on him. I'm thinking of making him a shirt that says "caution: baby on the move!" I think it would be super helpful and super awesome.

Also, Aunt Julia has an awesome ring to it, don't you think?'s kind of my favorite right now.

YOU GUYS! I ordered these boots and canyousayfalltime!?

Okay, okay...back to the main topic! (I may or may not have had a Pumpkin Chai Latte today and am sliiightly wired.) Will someone pleeeease buy me that blue and gold bowl!? It is so delicate and gorgeous. Perfect night stand jewelry holder. Also, little known fact, I have all mismatched plates. I decided not to buy a "set" of dishes because...well, because I'm super clumsy and didn't want to worry about breaking dishes. That little deer plate would be a nice addition to my hodge podge collection.

Anyways.....tomorrow starts, what I've begun calling September Wedding Madness. We are booked every weekend until October 12th. Cray-zi-ness. I'm reeeally excited. Get to see my new camera in action! What what! So, to say goodbye to weekends as I know it, I'm *hoping* to go to the fair tonight.
(Hello, funnel cakes!)

Okay, farewell, friends. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

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what are your weekend plans? what do you think of this weeks items? yes? no? maybe?

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4 comments on " friday finds"

  1. Julia, you are darling. I read all your posts. :-) Happy Friday!

    1. Aw shucks. :) Thanks, are too kind. :)

  2. Hi :) What font did you use to make your blog title?

    1. You know...I don't remember the name! :\ I just googled "handwritten fonts" and searched until I found one I liked. Sorry!