September 16, 2013

.leap list.

 I made a leap list. I've been working on it for a while now, trying to get the perfect balance of doable and challenging things. Some are little (like watch a meteor shower), and some are quite big (like take kyle to the grand canyon). 

Why a leap list you ask? Well, it's simple really. I want some motivation to get a few things knocked off my big ol' bucket list. If I take it year by year, than it seems much more simple and doable. It's time to start doing the things I keep putting off for "later." So, I chose twenty-six things from my bucket list to do before I turn twenty-six. I'm not twenty-five yet, but I will be in March (Sheesh! I'm getting old!) so it's only a little more than a year to get these things done.

Wish me luck! :)

have a star wars Marathon
read jane eyre
drive a motorcycle
watch a meteor shower
learn calligraphy
write a letter to each of my loved ones
attend a workshop (photography, blogging...either one)
run in a 5k
learn how to do a french manicure and french  braid
get a tattoo
take photo booth pictures with kyle
host a killer new years eve party
learn a song on the guitar
finish (and order) our wedding album
take kyle to the grand canyon
make sandwich bread from scratch
go blonde!
learn how to make a decent video
start taking my vitamins daily
catch a fish
go real rock climbing
knit a blanket
eat dragon fruit
build shelves for our bedroom
get published
go to another country

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do any of ya'll have a leap list? what's one thing you've completed on the list?

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10 comments on " .leap list."

  1. Nice! That is a pretty intense but amazing list. I was just telling Brandon last night that we need to all go to the Grand Canyon. I haven't been since I was 10 and I remembered you saying Kyle hasn't been. Let's do it! I like the tattoo one, don't know how I feel about the blonde thing though... I think you should replace that with, "give Lisanna a cousin!" ;)

    1. HAH! I actually thought about putting "have a baby" on there, but decided against it. (It's secretly on my "before i turn 25.5" list :P)

      Yeah, Kyle's never been! Which is crazy to me! I'm definitely gonna "make" him go soon.

      As to the blonde, it probably won't be suuper blonde...but maybe it will. :)

  2. I'm actually a New Years' baby so my birthday resolutions and New Years resolutions are one and the same. This year so far I've been reading more, learning new skills and I applied for a job I never thought I'd get (and then did!) thanks to my 2013 list =) I hope yours brings you lots of fun!

    1. Oh that's fun! A New Years birthday would be really cool.

      A new job? That's awesome! I love it when unexpected awesome things happen. :) Hopefully mine all turn out as well too. :)

  3. This is a wonderful list. I made a 30 before 30, but i love the idea of a new list every year.

    1. I think doing it year by year will help me actually stick to it and get some of the items done! You should try it! :)

  4. I love this! You are going to have a great year! This is inspiring me to make a list too!

    1. Oh you totally should! It's already helped motivate me to get more things done in my life. :) Even found a calligraphy class to get started in the very day I posted this! It was fate! :)

  5. Your journal is freaking adorable. I'm going to do a list too, I love this idea. Thanks for this inspiration :]

    1. Oh yay! You should do a post about your list...I'd love to see what you put on it. :)