September 04, 2013

.on awards and the lovable mr. grinch.

you guys, my beautiful sister-in-law laura, (aka the pink herbivore) nominated me for the liebster award. now, i don't normally do these things, but she's family and i love her and i'm flattered and why the heck not
(i also got nominated a few months ago by my lovely friend kaela. you know... the girl who blogs, and i completely forgot. some friend i am, right?)

so, anyways, if you wanna know some random/semi-entertaining facts about yours truly, then keep on readin'. 

seven random things about yourself

i'm very ocd. like somewhere between keeping my pencils all sharpened the same and in a straight line and not being able to have a single dish in the sink.

i'm a nanny. i don't talk about that a lot on this here blog, but that's my job around these parts. i nanny a soon-to-be three year old; and, after my boss's maternity leave, there'll be a little munchkin added to my watch list. :) you guys, ilovemyjob. sometimes i get home and i'm convinced i never want to have kids of my own, but most days i love it. 

one of my all time favorite movies is nacho libre. i can't. even. handle. it. just looking at jack black's face kills me.

i was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school. i'm a big, big fan. (and no, i didn't grow up without friends or social skills or actually learning. ;) )

my favorite color is green.

kyle and i watched the entire law & order: svu series (13 seasons) in three months. best three months ever.

i was born in san diego, california, and boy is it calling me back there.

seven questions from the blog(s) that nominated you:
(i chose four from laura, and three from kaela)

favorite christmas movie?
the grinch, no doubt. in fact, when i was thinking about this here award, this scene kept popping in my head.

what is one chore you absolutely hate doing?
dusting! uuuugh. maybe it's because i have so many knick knacks (aka junk!), but i try and put off dusting as long as possible.

first car?
dark green 96' nissan altima. still drive it to this day. :)

what is your best memory?
the day i married kyle is definitely one of my bests.

favorite day of the week?
probably saturday. even though kyle and i are usually busy on saturdays, it's still nice to have that day off together...and let's be honest, extra snuggle time in the mornings is always nice.

what does your name mean?
my name, julia, means youthful. :)

language of choice, if you could instantly know one language?
i want to say french, because it's so romantic, but i actually think greek or latin would be the most useful. it would be awesome to be able to read the bible in it's original text.

and there you have it! a whole lotta randomness about me. hope you weren't too bored! one last thing before you go! please give my nominees (smallish blogs that i think are worth a visit) a look. they're some blogs that i've really enjoyed getting to know (aka stalk), and i think you would too.

milynn from love and whimsy
shayla from shayla lilian
becca from pleasant pheasant
marla from a weekend crossing

favorite hobby?
what does your name mean?
if you were a superhero, what would be your weakness?
favorite shop?
least favorite song played on the radio right now?
top place in the united states you want to visit?
favorite childhood memory?

step one: accept award
step two: do a happy dance
step three: display that award proudly & answer questions from your nominee
step four: share the love & nominate/notify other smallish blogs of your own
step five: come up with some questions of your own
step six: be happy

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10 comments on ".on awards and the lovable mr. grinch."

  1. SO HONORED thank you so much!! Also I am also from San Diego and I was also homeschooled kindergarten through high school!! What?! And I've seen all of the SVU seasons too haha not sorry at all.

    1. NO. WAY. That's awesome!! We must be kindred spirits. ;)

      And as to Law & show ever. I try to explain this to people who haven't seen it and they just don't understand! I will forever be heartbroken about Elliot. :)

  2. Yay! Random things. I didn't know you were born in CA, I thought that was just Amber! 0.o oh and yuck! I do not like French. It's just about the only language I will never care to know.

    1. Hecks yes! I'm a Cali girl! (Where do you think I get my tan skin from? :P) Really!? French seems so romantic!!

  3. Your freckles are beautiful! I still drive my first car too- a 93 :)

    1. Aw *blush* thanks, Autumn! I used to hate them, but now I've grown to love 'em. :)

  4. Also, you are so sweet. I LOVE Nacho Libre and I LOVE the grinch!!

    1. I try to slip in as many quotes from those two movies as possible in a day. I'm pretty sure it drives Kyle nuts (in a good way?).