September 27, 2013

.shop of the month.

YOU GUYS. This month's shop is AWESOME. I mean, waaaay awesome. Just take a look at those HAND-STITCHED quilts!? Gorgeous. (What's that? Enough with the caps locks? Fine...I'll try and contain my excitement....)

Anyways, if you've been a follower of this blog for a while, you'd know that last Christmas I got one of these quilts. (and yes...I did an actual happy jig when I opened it...there may have even been squealing...) 

Other than gorgeous quilts, Rose and her husband also make pillows, laptop covers, and to-die-for rugs. I'm saving up for one now (and by saving up, I mean trying to narrow down which one to buy!)

Rose, thanks so much for agreeing to my little "interview." I'm just head over heels for your little shop, Gypsya. :)

Guys, the interview is after the jump. Please read it, and then go give their etsy shop a looksie.

What/who inspired you to start your own Etsy shop?
My husband and I are pretty much nomads. We love to travel and find constant inspiration in patterns we see all over the world. I wanted to integrate those designs into my products and create everyday products I could use myself. 

Where did the name Gypsya come from?
My husband just made it up from the word gypsy. We wanted to use a word that somewhat described us and our products.

What style would you say your shop is?
I think modern bohemian is a good way to describe our style. 

What's one of your favorite items in your shop?
Right now we are really into making rugs. We have so much fun doing them. I just started making rugs based off vintage Moroccan rugs I saw when we were in Morocco and I loved how it turned out. You can see a photo of one of my favorites here. (

On average, how long does it take you to make one of your quilts?
It usually takes us about 3 weeks to a month to do one of our quilts. We don't like to rush it. We create them using traditional methods so to keep the quality and integrity of the quilt at the highest level possible. 

Be sure to check out all of their goodies at their shop, Gypsya.

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6 comments on ".shop of the month."

  1. oh my goodness- the quilts are GORGEOUS! seriously, that top left red one - swoon!

    1. I KNOW! I die a little every time I visit their shop. So many adorable quilts!

  2. Loooove gypsa! I have some of her placemats and they are my favorite :) been saving for a quite myself and one of those amazing bracelets.

    1. Yeah, I looove all the bracelets! So unique!

      p.s. you will not regret buying one of their quilts. they're seriously awesome!

  3. Soooo gorg, thanks for the recommend!

    1. No problem! Love sharing awesome spots to shop! :)