October 23, 2013

a sunset, a story, & some favorites

There's something so magical about the moon, isn't there? I don't know how many times Kyle and I will be driving down the road or out on a walk, we'll turn a corner, and I'll start shouting "ohmywoooord! look at the moon! it's huge!" or "look! look! it's beautiful!" I'm kinda like Spencer Breslin in The Kid.
(If you don't know what I'm talking about, stop what you are doing and watch The Kid. Thank You.)

Yesterday I was supposed to have a dentist appointment. I looooath the dentist. I usually only go if Kyle forces me. (he's such a tyrant. ;) )
So, when I remembered I wasn't going  to have a car yesterday and I had to cancel, it brought me great joy.
To celebrate, I had a nice long victory dance.
Afterwards, I decided to check om my wisdom teeth, to see if they were coming in.
I looked....and guess what I saw?
A cavity.
*cue freak out moment*
So guess where I get to go today?
hashtag this day is the worst.

Enough about my misfortunes and the icky dentist, here are a few links I've found out and about on the internet, and I thought I'd share them with you.

Enjoy. :)

>>>These would make cleaning almost worth it...almost.<<<

>>>I've already started making my Christmas Craft List. This is on the top.<<<

>>>The greatest thing ever...of all time.<<<

>>>This looks like so. much. fun.<<<

>>>I'll take one of each!<<<

>>>This has been super helpful and encouraging in my hunt for a job.<<<

>>>Happiness is a choice! Such a great reminder.<<<

>>>It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeear!<<<

>>>Who doesn't love a good party?<<<

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9 comments on "a sunset, a story, & some favorites"

  1. I am absolutely with you on the moon thing. I am so obsessed with the sky, it's amazing. And your pictures are gorg! Also the dentist is absolutely TERRIFYING. My least favorite thing (hashtag the worst day ever indeed).

    1. I just love it! I love that every. single. night is different! It's wonderful. :)

      Haha! Yes! I abhor it!

  2. I am the same way. I love the moon, just last weekend Ryan and I were driving and I see the moon. Of course I toss him my camera to take a picture while we drive haha.
    And the dentist, I hate that place.


    1. Hahah! I love this. It's exactly what I do. Our poor husbands. ;)

  3. I work for a dental x-ray company and you can't imagine the crazy things I see. Definitely listen to your husband and go to the dentist! :)

    On another note, that Christmas in a jar is SO adorable. I have such a big family that I started to make gifts instead of buying. Last year I made granola and packaged it in mason jars. But this is a really cute idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Eeeeeew! I couldn't imagine!! Yuck. Yuck. Yuck!

      Yay! So glad you found it helpful! I try to make as many gifts as possible..they're so much more meaningful! A couple years ago, I made homemade chai powder in mason jars and they were huge hits! I shared the recipe on here, if you're interested! :)

  4. + I never used to mind the dentist, until recently, when I received the bill after my cavity. I wanted to cry. bleh.
    + uh ron swanson for the win!!!
    + ah if only encouraging glasses existed in real life!!
    + overall fabulous finds!

    1. Wouldn't those be the best? Encouraging glasses. I'd never take them off. :)

      Yes! A fellow Swansonite. :) *fist bump*

  5. ok first off, the moon really is the greatest thing on the planet. second, cavities really are the worst things on the planet. and third, it made my day that my happiness post made your lovely list!! :)