October 11, 2013

friday finds


I got something big ya'll.
I got a good ol' confession.
I kinda love Taylor Swift.
I know...I know.
I kind of hate myself for turning into a tween girl, but I can't help it.
I was listening to her interview with Bobby Bones and it was cracking. me. up.
Maybe it's because I got less than five hours of sleep last night?
Maybe it's because I'm extremely hungry?

Moving on...

As promised, this weeks items are all under $50 because who doesn't love a good deal?
Is yarn a weird Christmas gift? I think it'd be a pretty great Christmas gift...especially that one pictured. Just look how soft that is! And that clutch? getoutoftown! I never realized how awesome clutches are. I bought one just recently and it's the perfect way to feel just a tad classier...in my opinion. :)

Can we just talk about how awful car shopping is!?
It makes my head want to explode just thinking about it.

I'm keepin' it real simple this weekend. Here's what's on the agenda:

It's the first Saturday I've had free in foreeeeever, and I'm gonna soak it all up. :)

What are your weekend plans?

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have you guys seen the painting pumpkin obsession? am i totally lame for just loving regular non-painted, non-carved old fashioned pumpkins? they just make me happy.

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2 comments on "friday finds"

  1. The bag! The ring! I must have them! Also yarn is a totally amazing Christmas gift. Have a lovely Saturday! I get to go on a date with my boyfriend because I don't have work until 7 so my day is pretty clear too hehe. So excited.

    1. Yay for dates! There's really nothing better than that. :)