October 25, 2013

shop of the month: good south

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Oh you guys!! Aren't you in LOVE with this month's shop?! Seriously...I don't know how you can't be, because who doesn't love a good design? I know I sure do! I stumbled upon this shop a few months ago and I about died. I feel like there are so many graphic designers out there and a lot of programs to help people "make their own" designs. It makes it so hard for businesses to stand out. Well, not for these guys! I think Good South (Formerly known as Dapper Paper!) does an amazing job at being a cut above the rest...don't you?

From wedding invites, to custom logos, to poster and printsGood South with some seriously beautiful eye candy. So, whether you're looking for something to mail this Christmas or wanting a new brand for your website, look no further! :) (And on top of it all, they're a husband/wife duo. You know I love me a good married team!)

Elizabeth and Chris, thanks so much for taking the time to "sit down" with me and answer all my questions! I really love your shop and your eye for design.

Read the interview below and then go check out all their goodies at their shop, Good South.

What/who inspired you to start your own Etsy shop?
Our Etsy shop was inspired by our need for original wedding invites! Chris was working as a designer at a large energy company here in Raleigh. And I, Elizabeth, was working as an interior designer. We were a little bored with our current work situations and wanted to start something of our own that lent itself to even more creativity. We actually started brainstorming the idea on a plane ride to Mexico for our honeymoon almost 5 years ago. We created our own wedding invites and we thought, I bet there are so many others out there who would love something unique and original for their wedding invites as well. We started as mainly a custom wedding invite shop on Etsy, but have since evolved into more branding (logo, packaging design) and poster work. That is really where our passion lies. We will always offer custom wedding invite design as well as customizing existing designs, however our goal is to transition into more of a retail shop selling prints, various paper good as well as other products through Etsy . We bought a letterpress this year so that will soon become a part of our work and business as we incorporate another aspect of printing in the way it used to be done! Our business has definitely evolved in terms of style and focus; and we are actually gearing up for a re-branding of our own including a name change, so stick around for that, it's coming soon!
What style would you say your design work is?
We would say that our design style is very much antique, classic and timeless with a modern and southern influence. We like bordering that line of "is this old? or is this new?". We try to give everything we touch character, life and depth. We want it to feel like it has a spirit, story and a history. We like to think of ourselves as pioneer spirits and, simultaneously, students of the past. The way things used to be done is a lost art, and it just won't ever be the same in the digital age. We adhere to antique and vintage aesthetics so that it can live on with a modern spin. Old sign painting, vintage woodblock concert posters, antique product packaging and ads–all these things inspire us in a big way. The character and details in the craftsmanship paired with the strong stylized typography is what makes it stand out from the rest, and we aim for our work to do the same.
What's your favorite item in your shop?

In terms of prints, our favorite items in our shop are probably our Willie & Dolly prints. We love them as musicians and legends and it speaks to our love of music and the south. We are also pretty partial to our Hold Your Horses and Son of a Gun prints because those are old-fashioned and timeless phrases we love and have grown up hearing. So again, it speaks to our southern nostalgic hearts.
We love the logos and packaging we have worked on because each one is so different and speaks to the uniqueness of the brands we have worked with and the small businesses that are being created and those that are growing and evolving! It's exciting to get to be a part of that.

On average, how long does it take you to make one of your designs?
Our print and paper good designs don't really have a consistent time frame. Most times we'll think of something and then we'll work on it on and off between our branding and design jobs. We keep a running list of print and paper good ideas so we can tackle them as we have time.
It's definitely a "too many ideas, not enough time" mentality around here. But, it's always rewarding to create and make physical the ideas spinning around in our heads!

Do you have a favorite designer/design shop (besides your own ;) )?
Typically when I scour Etsy, it's for jewelry, pottery, apothecary goods or vintage finds. I love Young Frankk: Chris bought me one of her cuffs last year and I wear it constantly. I love the products from Fig + Yarrow, the ingredients and scents are so fresh and natural. I have also been eyeing pieces of pottery from JustWork: they have some lovely pieces and I love that they are, as their shop states, an Etsy shop benefiting a non-profit that employs individuals who face some kind of barrier to the traditional work force. The best part about Etsy is finding things that are unique, smaller scale and not as mass-marketed! You feel like you are getting something truly special when it's straight from the source that created or made it.
Etsy is so full of great goods and it's easy to be overwhelmed by either searching through it or starting your own shop, but if you made great quality and original things, you'll find your voice and others will find you!

-join the discussion-
what do you think of this month's shop? what's your favorite item in their shop?
Mine is probably the "Howdy" print...because Kyle used to say that all the time when we first met. :)

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  1. I wish I could go back in the past and study to web design in school because seriously, too much talent! Plus, you can really get a job anywhere with that degree. Love these :)
    xo TJ


    1. Me too! I know it'd be a pretty hard degree to get, but I think it's one that would actually come in handy!

  2. Love this! I might have to get those business cards next time I run out. :-)

  3. Gorgeous. I LOVE those wedding invites, they're really cute! You are turning me into an Etsy addict haha.

    1. Haha...good! Then I won't be alone in my addiction. ;)

  4. I love their typography! Everything looks so clean and well put together. I love artist who know exactly which colors go together and can effortlessly put place something where it looks best.

    1. I know, right? Everything looks just perfect to me. So much talent!

  5. SNAP! I love this shop!
    and uh - the fact that I live in Charleston (the holy city!!) makes me like them even more!

  6. Love their work! Man, now I have logo envy. Grr.

  7. Thank y'all so much for the kind comments! And thanks so much for the feature Julia!! :)