December 14, 2013

.twinkle lights & confessions.

Merry Eleven Days Before Christmas!

guys, i'm still waiting on packages to arrive and it's kinda making my ocd mind go a little crazy! i hate not having them already wrapped and under the tree! i keep checking the tracking numbers and checking the luck. (i'm the only one that freaks about that...aren't i?)

anyways, these pictures are gorgeous and i can't stop looking at them.
little towns going all out for christmas make me giddy.

also, on a completely unrelated not christmas note, this song has been on repeat all. day. long.
i can't get enough of it.

back to the point...a couple weeks ago, my lovely blog friend amy asked me to take part in the blogger confession series. i decided today was a great day to finally answer those questions. :)

so, if you want to know a little about me and why i write, feel free to stick around. 

1 | when did you first start blogging and why? 

when i was little (like around 7), my mom gave me and my siblings journals for school. we had to write in them every day. it didn't have to be much...just a little something everyday.
ever since then, i've kept a journal faithfully. it was an outlet for me growing up. after high school, my life become a lot more busy and writing was slowly put on the back burner.
a few years ago i realized i missed having that outlet so i decided to start a blog.
it's a lot easier to keep up with than a journal and a scrapbook...which is essentially what this is.

2 | have you had any past online presence? 

oh dear me...xanga anyone?

3 | when did you become serious about your blog?

about a year ago i decided i wanted to really start working on blogging and try to get a little more exposure and really put some time into it. 

4 | what was your first blog post?

eesh. it's a little scary digging up old posts.
thankfully my first one isn't too terribly embarrassing. ;)
it's about christmas

5 | what have been your biggest challenges blogging?

the "keeping up with the jones'" attitude that seems to come with reading other people's blogs.
it's hard not to compare my writings and photographs to others. 
i did that a lot when i first started blogging.
and my writing was hear and there and everywhere.
i was constantly trying to "be" something else.
it was exhausting!
it wasn't until i really let go of my desire to be a "big blog" and post when everyone said i should and write about what everyone else seemed to write about that my blog really started being "me."
i still find myself comparing from time to time and when that happens, i try to take a step away and get my perspective back to where it needs to be.

6 | what is the most rewarding thing about blogging? 

two things. first, the community that it builds. it really is amazing...the people i've met and the things i've learned through this blog and the stories i've heard. it's incredible.

second, the challenge. sometimes i feel like there are no more pictures to take and no more words to type. like every creative bone in my body has withered away.
i know it sounds like a bad thing, but it pushes me to look at things differently; to experience new things; to really live.
does that make sense??

7 | what is the most discouraging thing about blogging?

no matter how often i see or hear about it, it still amazes me how ugly people can be. the anonymity the internet offers gives people courage to say things they have no right to say.
people can just be downright cruel.
it's incredibly discouraging.

8 | what is your lasting inspiration or motivation?

i don't really have any one thing...i try to find beauty and inspiration in everything. i mean, this world god created is incredible.
every day brings something new and astounding and inspiring. 

9 | what is your blogging dirty little secret? 

oh gosh. i don't really have any! sorry to disappoint!

10 | what is your current goal as a blogger? 

•be authentic always. 
•use my blog as a microphone.
•constantly be growing and challenging myself.

11 | have you learned or become passionate about anything through blogging that caught you by surprise? 

i've always had a love of photography, but it wasn't until i started blogging that i really started pursuing it.

also, calligraphy and hand lettering. i'm in love with it! i've always been resigned to the fact that i have terrible penmanship, but once i started seeing other people's creations and hearing about how they had chicken scratch writing too and now they can create something drool gave me the courage to try.

-join the discussion-
i'd love to hear about how all of you guys got into blogging and what you find to be the biggest rewards/challenges!

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16 comments on ".twinkle lights & confessions."

  1. you are most definitely not alone freaking out over packages arriving - i am in the same exact boat!! so much to do!
    + XANGA! i love it...and i hate that they've "renovated it" and its like you can't sign in anymore lame sauce - i still updated mine from time to time haha.
    + yes. amen and amen. giving up that desire for a "big blog" i think all of us have it from time to time (which isn't a bad thing) but it can mess with our heads and honestly take away our true writing voice and personality.
    + hmmm i couldn't have said it any better myself - people CAN be downright cruel and it disgusts me. :(

    seriously - loved reading all of your answers. i found myself shaking my head "yes" time and time again.

    ps did you update your header? or am i just that far behind on noticing. (i feel like this is one of those moments where i say "did you get a haircut?" and you respond "uh - yeah a month ago" hahahhaha - awkward)

    1. i KNOW! I got on xanga the other day to read through some old posts and i have no idea how to access them! *sad face*

      i actually updated it a few months ago...not for sure when! it isn't a ton different than what I had before...just smaller, simpler and more feminine...I think anyways! :)

  2. i can't stop staring at these pictures too.

  3. This is a great post! Your twinkle lights and pine cones look so dreamy! Ha ha, and Xanga- wow, such a blast from the past!

    1. thank you! it's above our bed so "dreamy" works perfectly. ;)

  4. Great display, is that an old ladder? Looks incredible either way!

    1. thank you! it is an old ladder! my husband's grandpa has an old barn filled with little treasures like this one and he have it to us! i love it. :)

  5. Oh gosh, the worst part is waiting for packages to arrive because you just get so excited to wrap them and give them to loved ones!
    I love the use of the ladder and string of lights :)
    xo TJ

    1. exactly!! patience is definitely not a virtue i possess...especially around christmas time! glad to hear you're as impatient as i am!

  6. Love the pine cone garland! Wish I was OCD about that, but Ive only done about half my Christmas shopping so far!

    1. you are like my husband then! he just finished his christmas shopping last night!

  7. Love that pine cone garland! I got into blogging just because I had a friend who had a blog and I wanted to meet other creative types :) nothing fancy.

    1. that's fun! it's nice to have friends who blog too! I find it really helps me when I get in a blogging "slump" to be able to have lunch with a fellow blogger and talk about!

  8. Don't feel bad about your late arriving gifts... UPS shipped all of my gifts on 12/23 and 12/24.
    I was a little stressed out, to say the least.
    Nicole from

    1. Oh no! That is major stressville! I hope they all got there super quickly!