September 21, 2014

packin' it up.

our flight to europe will be the longest flight i've ever been on. well, technically it'll be two smallish flights and one long flight. i've been doing a lot of thinking about what i want to do to try and keep my add mind occupied on those flights and in the airport, but i've also been trying to keep in mind the fact that i have to pack light. (and i mean liiiiiight)

our flight from rome to london is through easyjet, and they have really strict rules on baggage size so i have to be able to fit all of my stuff in one tiny suitcase (like 19in high including wheels and handle *gulp*). knowing this, i got a tote that can fold up tiny so i can squish it in my suitcase when going on the strict flight, but also big enough to be able to carry all the goodies i get in london and paris afterwards. (thank you, target!) i also tried to pack my carry on with only the necessities.

i know you guys probably have no interest in what i'm carrying with me, but i thought i'd share anyways. :) any tips on what i should be carrying with me for my first international flight?

one. cosmetics (you know...the usual makeupy junk for looking refreshed after a forever flight)
two. eye mask
three. hand sanitizer and lotion
four. gum (keepin' it fresh)
five. tissues
six. my eyes
seven. passport // itinerary and notebook // pen (for random thoughts)
eight. melatonin (for sleeping) and ibuprofen (for my bad knees)
nine. reading material (if room permits)
ten. a cardigan (because i'm always cold)
eleven. tea (for a little pick me up)
twelve. rubber bands (for keeping my wild eleven hours in a plane hair under control)
thirteen. cell phone and charger (for my sanity, yo)
fourteen. headphones (for other people's sanity)

not pictured: water bottle // snacks // and possibly (if room permits) my ipad

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12 comments on "packin' it up."

  1. actually...totally interested in this haha. the first time I went to Europe I was in college, so clearly I was just winging it, but this time I want to be prepared. I'll be using you as a reference - so thanks for that :) ps. please let me know what you think about that book! I've been eyeing it a lot lately.

    1. talk about pressure! ;)

      pinterest is awesome for this. although i feel like every one has different opinions about how to pack and what to bring! i'm just combining all the different opinions and putting my own twist on it!

      the book is pretty good! i am almost finished with it. it has pictures in it, and that really makes it.

  2. All such great items to be taking. Definitely don't forget the snacks! Have a safe trip. xo

    1. oh trust me, snacks are the ONE thing that i'm not going to be forgetting. haha

  3. just stop!
    i love your carry on bag and i love all the items!
    that book is on my "to read" list, you'll have to tell me what you think!
    snacks are awesome!
    i say leave the ipad, i found we didn't have time to use it (my friend brought her laptop and it wasn't used)

    also we hit that "suitcase" guideline when we traveled through ireland and scotland. uh....their dang carry-on size was SO FREAKING SMALL. and their weight limits for checked backs are like 10lbs LESS than US. eek.

    1. isn't it awesome. target! heyo!

      you should read it! it's kinda creepy and it has creepy pictures, but i'm enjoying it!

      good to know! i shall leave the ipad! one less thing to be worried about remembering!

      YES! their carryon size is TINY. i bought a suitcase to fit the guildines and when it came i was like "um...i can fit one pair of shoes in this." hahah

  4. I've heard so many conflicting reports on TSA--will they let you take a water bottle, the cosmetics/lotion/sanitizer, and the tea? All very "suspicious" items, there, Julia. :-)
    I read Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children earlier this year. Interesting book.
    Enjoy Europe!

    1. i've heard that you can bring a water bottle as long as it's empty and you fill it up after security!

      yes! it's very interesting. the pictures are so creepy!!

  5. Love this! I would suggest some Dramamine. I took it for my Paris trip not thinking I would get motion sickness on plane, but our flight that was landing in London had to circle around airport a few times before being able to land and that's where I got sick and had to use the bag. Also, for while you are over there some stool softener will help if you get constipated or something for if you get the runs. Gross, I know, but more gross if you aren't prepared!

    1. oh good thinking! i shall be tossing those items in as well! better to have them and not need them than the other option. haha

  6. Great post! I really love your blog :) following. xx