December 22, 2014

meeeeerry christmas

taking a little break from trip posts to share our christmas cards!

last year, i spent a long time designing and tweaking our cards, and i absolutely loved the way they turned out. this year, however, with the trip and starting new jobs, i just couldn't find the time to invest in really unique ones this year. so i decided to just go suuuuper simple and have little signed polaroids of kyle and i. i love the way they look!
(and yes, that is an older picture of us, but like i said keepin' it simple. ;) )

once i got them signed and ready to go, they looked kinda silly all by their lonesome in the envelopes. so i decided to think of something else to go inside. i thought a little piece of mistletoe would have been fun, but i couldn't find anywhere local that sold them in bulk. so that was out.
then  *light buld* simmer pots.
they're the best things ever and super simple to make? yes. yes. and yes.

so i grabbed everything christmassy i could think of and stuffed it into little tea bags and put them in with our pictures.

not gonna lie, i've had the same mix simmering on my stove for over a week and it's still going strong. i love it. the whole apartment smells like christmas.

here's the recipe for you guys, in case you're looking for a way to spice up your home for the holidays. (pun fully intended)

i hope you all have a very, very merry christmas!

*christmas simmer pot*

1/2 cinnamon stick
4-5 cloves
3-4 pine needle clusters
a handful of cranberries
1-2 dried lemon slices
a piece of orange skin/rind

+ boil in water 2-3 minutes +
+ simmer all day long +
+ add water as needed +

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6 comments on "meeeeerry christmas"

  1. LOVE y'alls cards and the fact that y'all made simmer pots!

    1. thanks, amy!! simmer pots are small apartment life savers!

  2. Replies
    1. thanks, jaclyn! they don't have an adorable kitty like yours, but i thought they turned out alright. :)

  3. SUPER cute card idea :] I love them! And that simmer pot recipe sounds divine.

    1. thank you!! they turned out better than i thought they would. yay! :) you should definitely try the simmer pot! me and kyle basically always have some concoction simmering away.