December 12, 2014

rome | part three: vatican city

one reason amber and i are good for travelling together is because we both have the same lack of attention span, and therefore have the same feelings about museums.

we have a good ebb and flow to our museum wanderings. we don't feel the need to listen to every podcast and see every painting. we have the highlights we want to hit and we want to be there long enough to really get a feel for things. that may be thirty minutes or maybe longer. but i can almost guarantee it isn't going to be longer than two hours. any longer than that and our brains turn to mush and all the exhibits start to look the same. (i know. we're such uncultured simpletons. :) )

i did heard somewhere (i can't remember where!) that when you go into a museum instead of feeling like you need to memorize and study everything you see, you should pick one piece of art that intrigues you and study it for ten minutes. you'll remember it a lot better. so i did try to do that at each museum we went to.

now that you know that i'm not a museum person, you will be able to trust me when i say that vatican city was out of control (in a good way). there was art covering every inch of that place.
the basement? covered in art.
the chapel? covered in art.
hallways? covered in art.
it was crazy.
definitely incredible to see.

funny story. amber and i kept thinking we missed the finger of god. haha so we kept asking each other if we had seen it and if we had figured out where it was. (museum novices, remember?)

newsflash, you're not going to miss it. haha.

okay, only two more rome posts to go. ;) #sorrynotsorry #gonnadragthisoutaslongaspossible

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10 comments on "rome | part three: vatican city"

  1. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing! x

  2. lovely post!

  3. Great photos as always! I am awful at museum tours. When I was in Rome with my class we had to do so many mandatory tours that I just couldn't handle it! I'd much rather spend time wandering around looking at art than hearing a lecture on it. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos from your trip!!

    1. thank you, emma! you're so sweet!! :)

      oh dear! mandatory museum tours would not be fun at all! it's much more enjoyable going at your own pace!

  4. the. art.
    i can't even.
    seriously...i am just staring at this post.

    1. right!?! i mean, COME ON! so so pretty.

  5. Ugh your pictures are just TOO beautiful I can't look away!! Also you're lucky to have a perfect travel companion...such a necessity for museum-going!

    1. i definitely felt blessed to be there with my sister, a class A traveling buddy! :)