January 20, 2015


HELLO! oh how i've missed this blog! i decided earlier this month to take a couple days (which turned into weeks!) to think about where i want this blog to go, what i want it to reflect, how i want it to feel, what content i feel is best etc. aaaaand i'm feeling real good about where's this ol' blog is headed. so, stick around..i've got some good things up my sleeve. :)

i have lots (lots, i tell ya!) of travel posts left. i'll be back to posting those next wednesday, but for now, here's a whole lot of random for ya'll. enjoy!

andy knows what's up.
getting into essential oils these days. (i know..such a trend follower.) i'm excited for this blog series!
this songs sums me up perfectly.
i want NEED this sweatshirt.
this show looks fantastic. and i'm not just saying that because of benny.
i'm doing this with 5+ other girls. #mealsfordays #amicrazy
wanting to read more this year (bye bye, netflix binges!) so i'm getting plugged in to goodreads. any suggestions?
if you're interested in starting calligraphy, my friend jaclyn gives some great info!
speaking of no more netflix binges, been watching 30 rock again. so funny.

6 comments on "currently"

  1. I think sometimes you need a few days (or weeks) off to just remind yourself why you're doing it - I always find loads of inspiration in these times and always come back with fresh ideas! xx


    1. definitely! it's refreshing! otherwise you just get too burnt out! (or at least, i do!)

  2. Love all of your links (I'm all about the netflix binges!) and I can't wait to see how your blog grows this year!

    1. thanks, emma! are you binging on anything good?? i just finished my current binge show and i need another one! :D

  3. hello!
    oh how i've missed you!
    uh, i've also recently found/followed vanilla and lace and i LOVE their essential oils series! YESSSSSS
    the ocd song = yes. yes. yes.
    i NEED to learn how to freezer meal. so badly! (tell me how you like it!)
    i will now follow you on goodreads.
    i need to stop netflix binging too (dang friends!) so i'm pulling things off of my good reads to-read list left and right (currently starting conversion by katherine howe)
    annnddd 30rock *(and parks and rec) is like my go to shows to watch to wind down = so good!

    1. yay! it's nice to be missed. :) i've definitely missed catching up on your stuff! it's always my first stop. :)

      i'm thinking if i like freezer meals, i'll blog about the process and stuff! woot!

      i'm going to stalk your goodreads page right now!! and then i'm gonna go to the library!