February 18, 2015

london part two: all things londony

our second day in london was a good one. a real, real good one. we got up early and went to get a good spot for the changing of the guard. you guys, there were SO. MANY. PEOPLE. we knew there would be a lot, but dang! (by the by, totally worth it!)

after that, we took a stroll through green park and up piccadilly square. we stopped at any and all pretty shops that caught our eyes. which is basically all of them. everything is prettier over there! also, i almost got ran over. it was all quite exciting. you see, in italy everyone just crosses the street whenever they can and cars just stop for them. so i kind of got used to having the right away all the time. #oops (good thing my sister was paying attention and pulled me back onto the sidewalk...)

we made a stop at fortnum & mason. the ultimate in fancy tea. we might have stayed there for a loooong time. smelling the teas, looking at all the pretty tins, buying way too much. it was amazing.
(i got chai and english breakfast. both are fantastic.)

after that, we made a quick stop at the national gallery. making sure to stop and take lots of pictures with van gogh's sunflowers. (because, one: van gogh...duh. and two: doctor who)

after the museum, we kept walking until we got to big ben and westminster abbey. i can't tell you how crazy it was to be standing in front of big ben. a bit surreal.

we then walked part ways across the parliament bridge, but it was a tad obnoxious so we didn't stay on it long. there were lots of people selling things and trying to get people to bet on stuff. it was kind of entertaining, but then this one guys with a painted face came up and started pretending to kiss me. i just looked at him and was like "no." and we turned and got off the bridge. haha

we decided to walk along side the thames to hit the last spot on our "to see" list for the day, twinings. it took us a little longer to get there than we anticipated and we ended up getting there only fifteen minutes before they closed! (eek!) it was so quaint and wonderful. i wish we could have had more time to browse, but we bought plenty of tea there nonetheless! i got lady grey tea, and it's one of my new all time favorites. like earl grey, but a little less intense.

we ended the day with another round of fish and chips at a nearby pub.

it was perfect.

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12 comments on "london part two: all things londony"

  1. ohhhh love these pics and hearing about your day! my husband and I are actually getting the opportunity to go to London for 3.5 days in June! We got an airbnb in Notting Hill and I'm planning on lots of tea, beer, pub food, walking, art museums and shopping! eek!

    1. oh, kaylan! you are going to love it! there's just so much to see and do there. gah!

      make sure you try rekorderlig cider at a pub. it's soooo yummy.

  2. ahhhhhh your time in london looks & sounds amazing! i love london & your pictures are giving me an urge to go riiiiight this second! geeze! i can't get over all the people for the changing of the guards, that's pure insanity!!

    1. it's so hard for me to look over these photos. makes me want to go back so badly too.

      right?? there were so many!! and they went nuts whenever the guards actually started. madness.

  3. so. much. yes.
    i feel like i just took a mini vacay! :) THANK YOU!

  4. Fabulous pictures as always! The travel bug has officially bitten me :)

    1. thanks, emma!

      ....ugh. me too! i think i'll never actually get rid of the itch. :P

  5. I just found your blog through Amy's (Taking Steps Home!) I love it! My husband and I are thinking of traveling to the UK later this year, and this blog post has just confirmed that for me. I'll be showing him your photos as soon as he gets home! :)

    Totally geeking out that you visited Twinings!

    1. oh yay! so glad these inspired you! you should definitely go to london! it was SO wonderful! also...paris. it's only a 3hr train ride away and it's incredible. if you have any questions i'd love to help you out! :)

      uuummm....me too! haha still doesn't feel real that i got to get tea from there. (!!!)

  6. beautiful photos! I need to make my way to London :)

    x Sharon