February 12, 2015

the day of love

happy day of love tomorrow! whether your single or dating or engaged or married. i hope you receive (and give!) lots of love this weekend. bake some cookies for a loved one (...or for yourself! heyo!) send a note of encouragement. give extra hugs. listen to the song below on repeat (as i have been doing all week). make these little hearts and pass them along (tutorial below!).

i would like to tell you guys how much i appreciate you. for reading my blog and encouraging me to be creative and make mistakes and letting me ramble on and on. for pushing me to be my best (even if you didn't know you were doing it!).
thank you. thank you. thank you.
you make this little corner of the world a very bright spot for me, and if i could deliver a nice warm brownie to your doorstep, i totally would.
i less than three you all. <3>

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6 comments on "the day of love"

  1. These photos are so cute! I hope that you had a great Valentine's!! And I love reading your blog! I always come away feeling inspired and like I just had a conversation with an old friend :)

    1. it was a really low key valentines for us..which was exactly what we needed! i hope you had an amazing one too!

      you are so sweet. :) thank you for those kind words, emma!!

  2. This is such a lovely gif.. so sweet :)

  3. ok.
    (also, tell me how you made this gif. ;) pleaseeeeeeeee)

    1. haha. thanks, amy!

      i moved the heart a little bit at a time and took a photo each time i moved it. then i stacked up each photo (as layers) in photoshop and then clicked "make animation from layers." i'll email you a tutorial!