March 27, 2015

paris part one: highlights and favorites

oh paris. wonderful, wonderful paris. this city is magic, you guys. i've fallen for paris real hard. the architecture, the feel, the shops. the museums, the people, the food. (seriously. the fooooood though) everything about it has lodged itself under my skin and won't budge.

we took a train from london to paris and our friend who lives in germany met up with us there. it was SUCH a good time. we spent the first two days just wandering the city. we didn't want to rush from thing to thing, but to just take it easy and do whatever we felt like. (which HELLO is the only way to vacation right. haha)

we started every morning (and afternoon...and evening...) with a stop at our nearby bakery. here's a tip (that was given to me by the fabulous marla): when you get to the city ASK someone where their favorite bakery is. it's a lot harder to find one than you think. there are little sweets shops everywhere, but a real, hole in the wall bakery is kinda hard to find. anyways, we lucked out and had one right down the street.

and you guuuuys. i cannot put into words the amount of deliciousness that they pack into one croissant. i am still dreaming about them. i'm preeeetty sure i ate my weight in mini quiches and croissants aux amandes. (it also didn't help that bakeries were so cheap...winning!)

day one: notre dame + shops along the seine + the louvre + the eiffel tower.
i think i had to pinch myself a million times all day. it was all just so surreal! i mean....i took a selfie with mona lisa! (along with a huge mob of people, but hey!) i saw the eiffel tower sparkle. (probably the most magical thing i've ever seen) i walked through notre dame! getouttaheeeere!
also, side note. it was really hard not to buy every single souvenir i saw with an eiffel tower on it. :P it was all just so incredible and i'm so so thankful i got to see and experience it all.

that evening we went to a place nearby for dinner and it was so good we went the next night too. since everything on the menus is in french, ordering food was always a fun little gamble. i ended up getting a salad topped with french fries and cheese and chicken and steak and toast. (now that is how a salad should be made!)

another side note --- everyone there is brilliant dressers. even the men. so classy. and people actually carried around long baguettes from the market. it was like something from a movie. (am and i kept trying to play it cool, but really we were nerding out.)

okay. i've rambled long enough! sorry...i just can't help but go on and on about paris! if you ever have the chance to go, GO. don't over think it, just go....and maybe take me along too? :)

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5 comments on "paris part one: highlights and favorites"

  1. Oh my I've always wanted to visit Paris! It is so beautiful. May I ask what you took your photos with?


  2. notre dame....swooon.
    i'm so jealous ;)
    and i've decided we're going to be travel buddies some day haahha

  3. Oh you stop that!! I want to go back so badly!

  4. talk about some perfect timing with this post - we leave for europe in 5 weeks (EEEKK!!) and i cannot wait for paris. i mean's like a total fairytale, dreams come true kind of thing. and after reading this post i am even more excited...and convinced that i need to bring home one of those little piggies.

  5. Love your photo recap!

    I agree about everyone being well dressed! My husband goes to France for work a few times a year, and his employer always tells him to 1. bring a scar and 2. wear black so he'll look like a local, haha :)

    Love the tip about asking locals where their favorite eatery is. I think that's probably useful no matter where you go, but incredibly useful in touristy places that might be trying to pull the wool over your eyes!