April 13, 2015


+ i have a new niece. she is deliciously tiny and beautiful and just simply wonderful.
i mean.....for real though.

+ my dad had surgery last week. he tore all the ligaments in his knee racing my husband and brother on a skateboard. yes. my dad is that awesome. 

+ i am doing two different work out classes. pilates strength and kickfit. so i basically can't move any muscle in my body. ever.

+ built my garden box this week. it's the most ghetto box you've ever seen, but i love it so much. (more on that later.)

+ been researching essential oils and kind of dipping my toes in the water. what are your guys' favorites?

+ if anyone asks my niece L "who's the best?" she replies "eeeeeyas beeeest." it's my favorite thing ever and i basically make her say it all the time. 

+ this video is probably the funniest thing i've seen in a while. 

+ thinking about taking another pottery class this summer. i have quirky coffee cups and wonky bowls on the brain. like these (!!)

+ first wedding of the season was this past weekend. let the madness begin! :)

+ been researching spoon carving. such an incredible skill. i mean, look at these! #hearteyesforlife

+ kyle and i are going to kansas city next week for the day. to celebrate four years of marriage. FOUR years. man, alive. it just keeps getting better and better.

+ my sister posted some photographs of our european travels (like the one in this post) over on her blog. she's got mad skills.

3 comments on "currently"

  1. sad that your dad tore all the ligaments in his knee! but pretty cool he did it in a skateboard race, haha & your little niece isssss adorable! happy anniversary!

  2. Yaayyyy oils! And gardening! I can't wait to see your little space. Email me about oils anytime ;)

  3. // my goodness! how is your dad healing!?! he definitely sounds awesome
    // i also started a new leg routine last night - i can't sit on the toilet without cringing - TMI? i don't even care
    // is it bad that i'm BUYING a garden box? i just don't care enough to build one bahaha #honest
    // yay for four years! congratulations
    // now time to go creep around your sisters blog!