April 27, 2015

iphone life

1. been practicing my calligraphy with a watercolor brush. definitely an adjustment, but it's been fun!
2. another naked picture of finn...because who can really blame me??
3. nannying means taking afternoon trips to the local botanical gardens. it's really a trying job. :)
4. warm weather means sand volleyball all. the. tiiiiimes.
5. lavender filled newspaper cones. pretty and delicious smelling. win/win
6. mini golfing with some friends...this was right before it started pouring rain.
7. date nights for kyle and i usually look a little something like this.
8. as a non icing fan, i'm really into this trend of "naked" cakes.
9. wedding season means flowers upon flowers upon flowers. (i don't mind one bit.)
10. our church's building is underway. guys, we are SO excited! god's gonna do awesome things on that big concrete slab.
11./12. a little selfie marathon with L...she likes to snag my glasses. (what a hipster!)
13. a new kitchen table under way.

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