April 20, 2015

our fourth year

wednesday was mine and kyle's fourth year of marriage. we celebrated by spending the day in kansas city. we went to the world war 1 museum, westside local, little freshies, and then lots of shopping. it was a fantastic day. :)

seriously though...i am so thankful to have that guy by my side, and i'm so thankful for this life we are building together. i'm thankful to have someone who loves jesus and who cherishes me. someone who can be sweet and goofy but also calm and serious. someone who lives with integrity and honor. you are the very best of them, kyle steven. :-*

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5 comments on "our fourth year"

  1. happy anniversary!! aren't husbands just the best?!

  2. So beautiful - congratulations on the fourth wedding anniversary. xx

  3. happy anniversary (late!)
    it sounds (and looks!!!) like y'all truly had a fabulous time together (as always)

  4. you guys are really, really cute. happy belated anniversary!!