June 10, 2015

this calls for a celebration.

If you hadn't already seen on my Instagram, Kyle and I are expecting our very first little babe this Christmas. (!!!!)

We are so, so excited. I'm officially in my second trimester now. (yay!) I can feel my energy and motivation coming back. But honestly, other than being really exhausted during the first trimester and hungry ALL. THE. TIME. I haven't had too many symptoms. I feel so blessed/spoiled for not being hit with any nausea or food aversions or really bad cravings (aside from coco puffs :D) 

I'm sure every person does this, but we've mentally put up little road marks to help pass the time. Telling our family was the first one, and then getting to twelve weeks was the next biggie. Now we are counting down the days until we get to find out if it's a mini Kyle or a mini me. (Yes, we are super lame and not hipster and we are finding out the gender AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.)
I'm hoping to pop in here more regularly now that first trimester craziness is done, but I've been working a lot and trying to soak up as much alone time with Kyle as I can before the Fall semester begins, so no promises. :) (If you miss me too much, I do post a lot more regularly on Instagram. :) ) 

1 comment on "this calls for a celebration."

    i am soooooo happy/excited/elated for you & kyle!
    hip hip HORRAY!