hello and welcome! i'm julia! and here's a little about me:
my wardrobe is made up of mostly greys and whites.
i'm addicted to anything chai.
i pronounce the word "caramel" like it's spelled, "care-ah-mell."
i'm terrible at accents, but i attempt them daily nonetheless.
i'm a full fledged whovian, and i've seen the office no less than ten times.
i get overly attached to fictional characters, and i cry easily during movies and books.
i have a thing for old records, baby animals, and anything mini sized.

i'm crazy about my husband, kyle, and you'll probably hear that loads if you stick around. :)

i believe in loving deeply, with no regrets.
i believe in being myself, no matter what.
i believe life is like a vapor, and therefore should be lived to it's fullest.
i believe in being intentional with my time, money, and life.
i believe in dreaming big and ignoring the nay sayers.
i believe in laughing loud, eating dessert first, and every so often doing something that scares me. 

i believe in a god more powerful and loving and awe inspiring than one could ever imagine.
and you'll also be hearing a lot about that around here too. :)

if you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to email me.
writersblocknearyou [@] gmail [DOT] com